Is the food inspected by X-ray baggage scanners edible?

  1. The importance of security checks

You probably have seen those big airport X-ray machines for scanning baggage at the airports and train stations. You might also have wondered why you are delayed for security checks during your travels. 

Here is the truth. 

Security checks have become very important due to recent travel safety developments and efforts to keep dangers to lives and properties low for travelers. 

It is also essential to keep public spaces safe and allow people to enjoy themselves without any security threat to their lives.

However, there are other reasons for security checks, including identifying dangerous individuals carrying sharp objects to disrupt law and order. 

Also, it is necessary to locate any prohibited item by law, including narcotics and items that are dangerous for consumption by humans.

Still, cyber-attacks are becoming rampant, and security checks allow security personnel to identify potential cyber-attackers carrying objects that can be used to carry out their dangerous activities.

But that’s not all.

Security checks can help detect harmful liquids like acids and explosive chemicals that can act as fuel in a fire emergency. 

Security threats will often go unrestrained if there are no security checks at airports and public places, resulting in preventable hazards to lives and properties. 

Hence, the presence of airport x-ray machines has become very necessary to assure passengers of their safety.

  1. How does X-Ray Baggage Scanner work? 

You might now wonder how exactly X-ray Baggage scanner machines work, especially those used to scan bags and luggage at airports.

Think about it this way. 

An X-ray machine is like a penetrating device that can see through barriers by sending energized light through these obstacles. The energized light then ends up on a screen for viewing the content behind the obstruction.

This light that passes through the baggage is a low-intensity X-ray detected by a sensor-enabled screen and a computer program to analyze the image produced. The content is also viewed on two planes to get a better perspective.

When analyzing the grayscale image produced, an understanding of the density of materials is required. The screen records heavy objects as a lighter image since they absorb more energy and less dense objects as darker images as they absorb less energy.

Further analysis occurs using a second high-energy detector which also generates an image. Comparing the two images produced is then used to compute the exact position and identify the type of objects present in a baggage piece.

Also, advanced computer programs can identify and separate false alarms from harmful objects based on color codes. 

  1. Radiation safety

Even though the airport X-ray machine releases low doses of low-intensity radiation, which is generally deemed safe, it is still important to stay cautious, especially for operators of these machines.

Observing this awareness reduces the probability of a health hazard as too much exposure to radiation can cause a health hazard even if it is in low doses. 

High doses of radiation are very hazardous to health, even if it is for a short period. Low doses, on the other hand, are not dangerous to the health. However, it can be as fatal and life-threatening as a high dose of radiation over a long period.

To this end, it has become necessary to remind every individual who comes in contact with X-ray machines to keep their connection as low as reasonably achievable. A dosimeter can be employed to help people monitor their radiation exposure per time.

Using a shield in the form of personal protective equipment can be worn to reduce further operators’ and other individuals’ exposure to the effects of the radiation of X-ray machines. A shielding barrier built into the X-ray machine is another way to keep operators away from excessive ration exposure. 

Keeping some safe distance from the source of radiation is also an effective method of reducing radiation uptake by operators of individuals. 

  1. Conclusion 

In all, security checks are important at every airport, train station, and other public places. Therefore, airport X-ray machines will be around for a long time. 

This device will ensure that people remain safe and assured of their safety when traveling or in public spaces. It will also make sure to separate safe foodstuff from dangerous items.

What this means is this. Food inspected by X-ray is safe and edible since the radiation passes through very low emission and its radiation exposure is not beyond a fraction of a second. 

Also, advanced computer programs used in the analysis of baggage ensure that it does an excellent job of analyzing the content without a second or third check. These rechecking activities can increase exposure and consequently the probability of a health hazard when consumed.

Finally, knowledge of industrial X-ray and how it works can help individuals who work as operators to know how to safeguard themselves from hazardous levels of radiation exposures.

It also helps those who think of purchasing an X-ray machine to know the best X-ray machine to buy.

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