Is Tunngle Safe & Secure to Use? [Review]

The craze of multiplayer games will never get old since it’s far more enjoyable than playing single player mode. The dynamics of a totally different level by facing other human players is amazing. But does this work on pirated or cracked games you play on your PC? No it doesn’t, and Tunngle comes to the rescue.

It helps all these players create their own virtual LAN and play together. This means that, when you run Tunngle, you can use the Local Network Menu of your games to play your favorite multi-player games online.

Now the important question here “is Tunngle safe?” or does it have some threats while you use it? Basically, there are rooms in Tunngle where if you host any game, all the players within that room will be able to join/view it. I personally used to play Counter Strike & AoE while using it. So let us find out if it is safe to use Tunngle or not.


About Tunngle

Tunngle redefined the VPN technology industry standards. Its huge 255 players virtual networks are the ideal place to play games over the Internet but they can also be used for a range of professional IP-Based applications as never before.

If your favorite online multiplayer game has been shutdown, don’t worry. Tunngle now gives you a chance to play it again by adding life to it. Thanks to its powerful LAN emulator. Just join a proper network, launch the game and resume playing your favorite game over it’s VLAN for free.

Tunngle Games List

There are a total of 807 games as of now that are supported by Tunngle service and it covers all the popular ones. You can view the whole game list here.

Is Tunngle Virus Free?

It has been tested by 27 famous Anti-virus programs and 10 malware inspectors (including Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, G-Data, Comodo and more). There were no reports of virus or any kind of malware on Tunngle software.

According to the antivirus software that the file was tested with, Tunngle does not contain any malware, spyware, trojans or viruses and appears to be safe. It is important to note that these virus and malware test results only apply to this version of the program. Check the full report here.

Is Tunngle Safe to Use?

You can think of Tunngle similar to a network adapter. Now, is a network adapter safe to use? It depends on the services and different programs that you use on your PC and it’s 100% safe when the PC is off and not being used. Once it is turned on, the possibility for other PC’s to communicate with yours depends on the software that you are running on it.

So as long as your PC is clean and you have knowledge of what all is running on it, then there shouldn’t be any problem since most vulnerable Windows services are blocked by the Tunngle Mini Firewall. The Tunngle integrated Mini Firewall protects you from the attacks that would otherwise be possible in a normal LAN environment.

Block Insecure Incoming Connections

Another security measure you can take to ensure that Tunngle is safe is by turning ON the Window Firewall on your computer since it blocks incoming connections for the programs that are not listed in the exceptions under the dedicated section of the Windows control panel (of course if the Firewall is enabled).

If you don’t want a program to receive incoming connections you can remove it from there (or disable the rule from the advanced windows firewall management) and Windows firewall should block incoming connections to it.

Final Words

So that is it from my side. I hope you are convinced well enough and I was able to answer the question “Is Tunngle safe or not?” I have personally used it in the past to play CS 1.6 and some other games, so I think it’s a very safe software to use to enhance your gaming experience.

You can go to their official support forum and FAQ section as well if you have any other specific questions or general doubts. Feel free to comment below as well, I would love to help you. Cheers!

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