JD Logistics Inc: Taking Airline Sector Ahead

Beijing-based JD Logistics Inc. intends to acquire several planes to transport goods between borders now that there has been significant growth in the global cargo market. J.D.com Inc’s logistics department plans to get not less than 100 airplanes by the end of 2030. According to the company’s CEO, the management hopes to purchase some airplanes and lease some others. Previously, the firm had hired planes from airline companies to use for transportation of goods. However, it recently received approval from the CAAC to run its own airline business.


How the Pandemic Has Revolutionized China’s Transport Industry

When Covid-19 happened, people around the globe experienced several challenges. Those that import goods such as electronics, personal protective equipment, among others, had to wait because of the lockdowns introduced and manufacturing delays. Because of the pandemic, China’s seaports became overwhelmed by the many goods that needed to be shipped but couldn’t.

Today, organizations are opting to transport their cargo using other means such as airfreight. However, airline companies find it hard to manage the backlog and accept new delivery requests, especially Christmas shopping. During a recent interview, Yu Rui noted that companies that deal with supply chains worldwide had significantly been affected by the pandemic.

He noted that Covid-19 also made the industry face shipping and freight challenges. And although the distractions brought by the pandemic may end soon, the pandemic has encouraged more people around the globe to embrace online shopping. Hence, it created new business avenues for firms such as Liu Qiangdong’s JD.com.

JD Logistics’ Investments in the Sector

In May this year, JD Logistics raised 3.2 billion dollars in Hong Kong during its IPO. It has become among the top e-commerce companies that own airplanes. It is considering buying different types of second-hand cargo airlines, which it will use to transport goods from China to another part of the world. JD.com plans to expand its international markets through the construction of warehouses in different parts of the globe.

First, it hopes to build automated freightage facilities in Europe and America within two years. The CEO noted that the company plans to serve more customers from other parts of the world. In addition, the firm intends to invest 155 million dollars in strategies that will help reduce environmental pollution.

About Liu Qiangdong

These days, traditional ways of shopping have been replaced by the evolution of e-commerce. More companies choose e-commerce for their different operations, intending to remain relevant and be ahead of their competitors. Richard Liu is an entrepreneur who has used e-commerce to transform his companies and the industry at large.

The founder and owner of JD.com transformed the company such that it supplies more than 300 million individuals in China with various products such as clothing, electronics, among many others. Liu Qiangdong became successful in online business because he started it many years before his competitors did. He gained computer skills and knowledge before he developed a passion for entrepreneurship.

While in the university studying sociology, he gained interest in computer studies and spent some of his time studying the same. After completing his university education, Liu got employment at a company that sold natural supplements on the internet.

That is where he gained knowledge on working in the online sector and decided to pursue the interest. He later opened Jingdong, accompany that supplied magneto-optical items. The company enjoyed tremendous growth until there was a pandemic in China that affected his and other businesses. That is when he transformed the business and started online operations.

Liu started JD.com, a company that became successful within no time. The decision enabled Liu Qiangdong to learn about new strategies in the e-commerce business for the company’s benefit. Today, the company boasts more than 300 million customers globally and a good reputation from other companies and customers. It continues to grow by introducing innovations and strategies, which make it more successful and popular globally.


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