KIZOA: The Newest Video Editing Software Available Online

Not too long ago, video editing required a lot of skills and effort in order to make a great quality video at the end. With the constant upgrade of technology, and everything being made easier every day, there is a variety of free online movie makers, that is very easy to use and you can compile an amazing video in no time.  Now the problem is choosing the best one out of them, and we are here to make your job easier and quicker.

KIZOA is one of the best out there, if you are looking to create videos as a hobby, or if you want to experiment making short movies. This can also include making a marketing video for your business, or a collage of your videos from a recent trip that you want to put up on Instagram.


Simplistic design

Kizoa has a very user-friendly interface while having a lot of functions and options to choose from. With the free version, you can easily trim a video, or combine a bunch of videos to make a collage with music and special effects that will color all of friends and family impressed. Even though, kizoa has an array of tools to choose from they are all very easy to use. You can get the hang of this video maker very quickly, and in no time you will become a professional at editing videos. After that, you can even consider getting the premium version that has more advanced options.

Processing time and Storage

A common problem with most of the online movie makers is that they take forever to process a video which can be extremely frustrating. Kizoa is good in this aspect because it is fast with uploads, compression and exporting data.

The free version of Kizoa offers 1 GB of storage, which will still allow you to make a short movie with 10-13 small clips. If you want more storage, you can consider getting the premium plans for $29.99 and $49.99 for 10 GB and 100 GB storage respectively.


Along with making movies, Kizoa also has a built-in slideshow maker with which you can make a great slideshow with lots of effects and music in minutes. This is a great option for combining all of your pictures in one place and also adding effects and music to it. You can use the slideshow maker for making a slideshow of pictures from an event, and it can be a fun little activity to do with your friends. If you normally use Microsoft PowerPoint for making slideshows, this is a better option because of all the built-in tools you can choose from.


There are hundreds of templates you can choose from to make collages, slideshows, and even movies. These templates are also customizable, but if you an amateur in making videos and editing them, this will be a good tool to use.

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