Landing Pages: What Are They and Why You Need Them

Businesses are currently embracing the use of new media and online marketing strategies to promote their brand. There are several marketing strategies that one can use but one significant method that has proven to be effective is the incorporation of landing pages.

You may probably be wondering what a landing page is and how it works. Do not worry as we will simplify it with the explanations given in this article. To define, it is an independent webpage designed for the purpose of advertising or marketing campaigns. It is created with an objective which is called a “Call to Action.” A call to action is a prompt to follow a link within an online publication.

A landing page is utilized at different stages during the marketing cycle. From the introduction of a user to your business to the conversion of a lead to a loyal customer, this page helps with the accomplishment of a business goal at different purchasing levels.

If you are looking to find a good team to handle your online marketing campaign and the design of your landing page, you will certainly need professionals to handle the project. You can check online to find experienced professionals with a good track record.

Additionally, you need to choose a good marketing platform and confirm its ability to achieve the desired result. If you are not certain about the best way to choose a platform, you can visit Landingi for some help. With a good platform and the right team handling the campaign, you will certainly achieve set business goals and objectives.


Types of Landing Pages

The following are some of the common types:

Lead Generating Pages 

This type seeks to convert a targeted webpage guest into a lead for the brand by retrieving personal details. These include name, business name, email address, job title, phone number, company size, and social media handles. With the retrieved information, the company can easily turn the lead to a paying customer. This kind of landing page is used to develop an email subscribers list, increase sales within a period, as well as funnel users via an inbound marketing cycle.

Click-Through Pages

This type gives information about a promotion, discount, or available offers with the intention of convincing users to buy right away. Click-through pages have a simple outlook and are utilized at a later date in the purchasing cycle.

Explainer Pages

This type is also known as long-form or informercial pages. It relies on a large volume of content to attract users and prompt them to take a step. Explainer pages do not just lean on graphics or flashy sales copy to attract users, they also serve as infomercials through the presentation of diverse features and benefits to educate users. The pages are good for campaigns that require users to provide detailed personal information or make huge purchases.

Product Detail Pages

This type is used to provide guests with the needed details about products. Most retailers channel their marketing campaigns to their regular web pages, while others design campaign-specific webpages that have limited distractions and navigations. The motive of some of these pages is to attract interested users to the product as well as convince them into making an instant purchase.

How Landing Pages Are Used

The aim of marketers is to draw visitors to their landing pages. Here are some ways to use landing pages:

Pay-Per-Click Ad (PPC)

This method involves marketers paying for each click on their advertisement. Pay-per-click advertisements are used on different search engines like Bing and Google. If your business invests in PPC on display marketing or search engines, you will certainly need an optimized landing page.

For instance, if a business is a running pay-per-click advertising campaign for their latest product, they cannot send user clicks to the company’s homepage. Instead, the company needs to design a separate page to attract users to buy the new product instantly. If you need a visual guide on how pay-per-click advertising works, you can watch this video.

Social Media Ad or Marketing

A landing page can be utilized in digital marketing strategies that focus on social media. For instance, if you are promoting an eBook with the aim of generating leads, you can nudge guests to landing pages where they will submit their details for exclusive content.

Content Marketing

This is a unique marketing approach that focuses on designing and distributing relevant, valuable, and regular content to attract and maintain a defined audience. This simply means that a landing page can be utilized to introduce diverse content to your target market, attract their attention, as well as convince users to later become customers.

For example, your business can build a repository of useful resources that are included in a marketing plan. To access this unique content, users are required to provide their email addresses. With this, you will have transformed a guest into a lead that will assist with the provision of useful content that will constitute part of the purchasing cycle.

Email Marketing

This type involves the use of visitors’ email addresses to send them useful offers, content, information. A landing page is a useful tool for these mails and messages. Businesses seeking to send subscribers an offer are advised to use landing pages.

Best Practices in Using a Landing Page

Here are some steps to take:

Reduce Page Navigation

Every business wants their guests to focus on the call to action (CTA) and not on other content published on their webpage.

Keep It Sweet and Short

You certainly want your guests to consume published information as well as take an action. Do not distract them with unnecessary functionality, copy, or designs. Always keep it interesting and simple.

Offer Value

A landing page should offer value if you want visitors to take an action. Find out the value your visitors want and offer them on the landing page of your business.


Online marketing is constantly evolving, and businesses are taking advantage of the innovations it provides. Using landing pages is a good way to drive visitors to your website. With a good marketing platform, you are sure to achieve set business goals and objectives.

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