LLC Formation Services You Should Use in 2020

Startups have seen a busy year so far – even in an unpredictable global economy. Are you in the market of utilizing the services of a formation service provider? Well the first step will surely be to choose an appropriate business structure and follow through with incorporation.

Seeing as this has been made so easy for Americans, the next step may be as simple as choosing a provider and moving ahead. This article will highlight the top seven formation services for 2020 according to consumer data and reviews.


Who are the top seven services providers for 2020?

ZenBusiness, Rocket Lawyer, Incfile, Northwest, MyCompanyWorks, LegalZoom and BizFilings. All of these companies have a pretty flawless online reputation and top information guides like TRUiC seems to back most of them.

What do they have to offer in terms of LLC formation?


They see to the business formation process, the drafting of biennial or annual reports and ensuring that these are communicated to the respective businesses, assistance with EIN, drafting and finalizing of the operating agreement, providing the services as per the requirements of any registered agent services as well as ensuring that the respective businesses are provided with the best tax filing information and advice.

Rocket Lawyer:

Clients are offered free incorporation services, they offer a registered agent services package that is valid for one year and they also offer legal services that include easy to use contracts and documents and they answer promptly to all legal questions, they also offer consultations with business lawyers and more importantly they have a wide range of exclusive discounts available.


Clients are offered a one year Registered Agent Services, they offer free shipping, clients are also able to do real-time order tracking and clients also have access to an online dashboard comprising Compliance tools.


Clients are offered a years’ free Registered Agent Services, plenty of industry experience ensuring to provide a personal touch as well as great customer support.


Their services include; Once the formation process is completed they offer clients the services of a Startup Wizard to aid with this formation, they also offer next day processing for all important documents as well as personalized Organizational meeting minutes and corporate bylaws.


They file all the formation documents with the state, they offer a LegalZoom peace of mind review as well as a one-to-one customer support base.


Clients are offered a six-months Registered Agent Service for free as well as BizComply compliance monitoring tool and access to an extensive document library.

How do the services compare?

BizFilings VS LegalZoom


BiZFilings offer their clients three packages to choose from, Basic, Standard and Complete. Their fees start from $99. Whereas, BizFilings also offers three packages, Economy, Standard and Express Gold. Their packages start from $79.


BizFilings has the advantage of six-months of registered agent service, whereas LegalZoom has the added advantage of one million business formation customers giving them the added experience.

Incfile Vs. Rocket Lawyer


Incfile offers clients three packages to choose from, Silver, Gold and Platinum and their fees start from $0. Whereas, Rocket Lawyer offers its clients one standard package and they are currently offering a new business bundle of ($349.99 + state fees), which is usually priced at ($649.97 + state fees).


Incfile is more suited for any business owner that is starting a small business and cannot require ongoing legal services and they offer clients a free registered agent for an entire year. Whereas Rocket Lawyer has the advantage of experience and their new business bundle also offers clients the best quality legal services.

Northwest vs. ZenBusiness


ZenBusiness offers clients three packages to choose from, Starter, Pro and Premium and the fees start from $39. Northwest also offers their clients three packages to choose from, Basic, Deluxe and Premium and their costs start from $49 as well as state fees.


Both service providers are considered to be reliable and affordable with many years of experience according to reviews trails on the web.

MyCompanyWorks vs LegalZoom


Both services providers each provide their clients with three packages, MyCompanyWorks, their packages are Basic, Entrepreneur and Complete and the fees start $79. Whereas for LegalZoom their packages are Economy, Standard and Express Gold and the fees start from $149 + state fees.


Both of these companies are reviewed as the best of best, especially for any modern entrepreneur who needs support at their fingertips.


Final take:

The choice is still for the business owner to make. If you feel you are ready to explore this avenue, then click here to make an informed decision with the help of TRUiC. Do consider individual factors, such as the state you wish to operate in – and other potential services you may need from your LLC formation provider.


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