How to Download & Use Modio for Mac, Xbox 360 & One

Do you wish to learn how to mod games using Modio? Are you already using it on Windows but want to download Modio for Mac? In this guide, all you gamers will learn how to mod games using Modio for Xbox 360, Xbox One and also find out if it’s safe to do so.

If you are one of those who gets bored to reach to a certain level of any game before the real fun starts, then you should learn more about Modio. To give you an overview of this guide, I will be going over everything you need to know about this software, including it’s importance & uses, if it’s safe to use it on a regular basis and how to use it for the best gamin experience on your Xbox consoles. So without any further ado, let’s start right away!


What is Modio?

Modio stands for Mod Studio which is basically a tool or software that allows you to modify the games on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One consoles and access the saved games with the help of your computer system. All you need is a stick drive or any other storage device in order to access and transfer files.

If the current level of any game is too difficult for you, you can use Modio and get unlimited ammo, health and more to get past it. It also allows you to access a huge online database of saved games which you can download and transfer to your Xbox console.

In this way, you can play tons of new levels and fight new monsters in any game you wish to. And all of this can be done in a matter of few clicks, awesome right?

Is Modio Safe to Use?

Before we learn how to download Modio and use it to mod games on your consoles, you need to know if it is safe to download and use. It is very vital that you get it from a trusted source. There are many fake sources which give virus-infected softwares, so make sure you follow the download which I will share in the below sections.

Modding games is not advised by me, so do it at your own risk. Since it might be possible that the game servers detect it and permanently ban your account. However, you can do it just to get a taste of different characters and levels.

Note: Modio can also facilitate you to mod multiplayer games but overdoing this can lead to getting banned from the different game servers. So you need to be cautious in this situation.

How to Download & Use Modio for Mac

In order to download and install Modio on your Macbook, you need to follow a different procedure. I have found out 3 working methods using which you can achieve this, so let’s get started.

Method 1: Using Winzip

  • Launch Safari and go to this URL:
  • Click on “Download Trial” and download Winzip DMG file
  • Install it on your Macbook
  • Go to this URL:
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Download file” option
  • Now open Winzip and use it to extract the file you just downloaded to a folder on your Mac
  • Change the date on your Mac OS to “5/25/10
  • Open Finder and go to the folder where you extracted the file
  • Go to “” folder >> “Contents” folder >> “MacOS” folder and run the “Modio” file

Method 2: Using Crossover

How to Use Modio for Xbox 360 and Xbox One Game-Modding

In this section, I will show you how to mod Xbox 360 games using Modio. All you need to do is follow the below procedure in a step by step manner and you will be good to go.

  • Plug in your USB stick into the Xbox 360 console and configure it (if it’s the first time)
  • Transfer the gamesave file that is assigned to your profile from your Xbox 360 hard drive to the USB pen drive
  • Now you need to put the USB stick in your computer system and open up Horizon
  • On the right hand side, you will see your USB Storage Device,
  • Expand the folders and click on Games >> and then select the game for which you saved the file from your Xbox 360
  • Click on “Extract Selected File” to extract the save file that you transferred
  • Here you need to open up the Modio and on the left side click on “Open a Save
  • Now open the save file that you extracted in the above step. A new window will open now, from this window copy/paste Profile ID and Console/Device ID in notepad and close the window.
  • Again click on “Open a Save” and this time open the save file that you have downloaded and want to load in your Xbox 360. The same window with Profile ID and Console ID/Device ID will open. Now copy/paste the Profile ID and Console ID/Device ID, which you noted down in notepad, in the relevant fields. After that click on Rehash and Resign to save the file, and close the window
  • Here, you need to get back to Horizon. Now click on “Inject New File” and insert the save file that you have just edited
  • That’s all, now just transfer the save file from USB to your Xbox 360 hard drive and you’re ready to load them and start playing!

Final Words

So that’s all I have for you for this guide. I apologise since it got a bit lengthy and technical but it has it’s pros. If you are stuck somewhere in the middle, feel free to comment below, I will help you to pass through the step.

Modio is a great application which you can use to mod Xbox 360 games. It’s available for Windows & Mac (using our trick), so all you need is a PC to transfer game save files.

I hope you enjoyed reading the guide, please share if you think it can help your fellow mates as well. Keep visiting my blog for more such guides!

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