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Many devices for our modern lives use electricity to function. From a home appliance to a car, electricity plays a vital role in its operation. To interconnect the circuits in all these devices, different types of connectors are available. A wire connector is an electro-mechanical component that serves as an interface to join two electrical circuits.

But, why should one use connectors instead of soldering? The main reason is to ease the manufacturing and maintenance processes. For example, a common auto electrical system may have hundreds, if not thousands, of wires. Performing a repair would be almost impossible if connecting multiple wires were not simple.

Depending on the use, the most suitable connector must be selected. Nowadays, the market has myriad wire connectors for all types of uses. Specialized shops such as WirefyShop have most of them in stock. If you look for a hard-to-find connector, you should not waste your time going from store to store. Buy it online from

Classification of Crimp-Style Connectors

Most connectors used in the industry are crimp-style connections. They come in all sizes and shapes. This type of connection is popular for multi wire connectors in the automotive industry. A crimp connector is a terminal to which a cable is attached. These connectors can be grouped into three main categories:

  • Non-Insulated. This type of connector cannot be insulated. They come in different types including ring terminals, butt connectors, and others;
  • Like the previous type, insulated connectors are available in many types. The big difference is that the connection is insulated with vinyl, nylon, or any other similar material;
  • Heat Shrinkable Insulated. Physically, these connectors are similar to the insulated ones. However, when the insulator is heated, it will shrink. The insulator seals the connection against weather elements, making it waterproof. These connectors are used in marine applications and in vehicles, where electrical multi connectors are exposed to water.

As you can imagine, heat shrinkable connectors are the most expensive ones. Non-insulated connectors are generally the cheapest ones. All the connectors can be purchased from

Use the Right Connector for Your Application

There are many types of crimp connectors. Most of them are quite affordable. Hence, you can easily find the right crimp connector for your application. For instance, for end-to-end wire connections, you need butt connectors. Another popular type of connector is the ring-type connector. These are used to make a ground tap or to create terminals to connect an electrical machine (motor, generator, etc.).

Another popular type of connector has a pin that you can easily plug in a female terminal. They are quite useful for multi cable connectors. For example, they are used in the fuse box of a car. This way, connecting and disconnecting cables is done very quickly. You can buy all these connectors from They also sell the different wire crimping tools that you need to attach them to the cables.


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