Need to get exposure on Instagram? Effective ways to get followers, likes and comments fast

Gone are the days when getting fame was a hectic job because it doesn’t require much effort from your end now. At the present, there are lots of ways that can get you followers, likes and comments within a short time. All you need is proper knowledge of implementing them the right way. So, if you are one of those people who is looking for the right ways to become Insta-famous, this is the right place.

When you join Instagram, no one knows you. So, the very first days may be a bit hectic for you because you need to make a bit effort. Getting first few followers is always tough but as you get enough followers, you start sharing high-quality content and you automatically start getting followers, likes, and comments.

Instagram followers


#1 Follow, like and comments to get them back

The very first thing is to follow people on Instagram and make the people know that you exist. When you choose to follow people or like/comment on their post, chances are that lots of them will follow you back. In this way, you just start getting exposure because it increases your viewership.

#2 Appealing and relevant display picture

The display picture on Instagram plays a very crucial role. The reason is that lots of people judge you on the basis on your display picture. So, it must be appealing and relevant to what your profile is about. Especially, if you own a business account, the profile picture becomes of more importance in this scenario.

#3 Engage with audience

Engaging with the audience is important of all. Why? The reason is that you get followers by working hard but if you choose not to engage with them, you will surely start losing them. What is the right way to engage the audience? You can ask a few things like for some feedback or suggestion etc. You must reply to their queries and comments actively. Make sure to answer messages, if it has something important. These are the basics to form a nice relation with your followers. And, in this way, they are not going to un-follow you.

#4 Buy Instagram followers

If you have a short time and need to get instant fame, the best choice is to buy Instagram followers. For example, you are from the UK so you will find several service providers around you who sell followers. All you need to do is pay a little to buy Instagram followers UK and enjoy instant fame. You can get the desired number of followers for your profile to make it look better. When it comes to the best ways of getting exposure, this option works well, especially when you have a short time.

#5 Buy Instagram likes, comments& video views

Except for followers, you can also choose to buy Instagram comments, likes, and video views. The companies who sell you, followers, also make you available the packages to sell likes, comments, and video views. All you need to do is choose the desired package from a reliable company, pay for it and you will start getting what you paid for. If you don’t want to purchase likes and comments for each post separately, you can choose to buy Instagram automatic likes and comments as well.

#6 Edit before you post

Don’t ever choose to post raw pictures on Instagram, no matter you own a business account or a personal one. Always edit the pictures and videos in an amazing manner before posting them. The reason is that making use of filters and effects for your photos and videos adds a layer of feelings and aesthetics to it. You might think that the photo or video is already impressive enough but you will always find a room for its improvement. That is the reason editing is important to proffer your audience a great experience.

#7 Join contests

The last but not the least important thing to grow your followers, likes, and comments on Instagram is to join contests etc held on this vast community. You are suggested to do this for increasing your profile/page exposure. Lots of people will get to know about you this way. And, luckily, if you manage to win the contest, it will be more beneficial for you to get exposure within the short time period. You will see lots of people curious to follow you and you start getting likes and comments automatically on your posts. This is the most amazing way of gaining a lot of exposure.

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