A New Parental Monitoring Application for Android has Been Released by Remote Keyloggers

Back with a new build for 2020, the developers at Remote Keyloggers have created a new keylogger that is more powerful than anything that has come before it. Compatible with both Android and Windows devices the new WinSpy application offers a global monitoring solution where users can monitor up to two Windows devices and two Android smartphones.

What sets it apart from other Android keyloggers is an all-in-one control panel dashboard where users can monitor all of their connected devices. This is large step forward as previous editions required that users retrieve their Android device reports in a separate virtual environment from those of their Windows counterparts. Not only is this true of Android of Windows, it applies to the quantity of devices as well; essentially allowing for the sorting of devices in the same dashboard.

The new keylogger for Android is also downloaded directly in the control panel along with the supporting PC module. So no download e-mails get lost in the spam folder. The applications can be downloaded as many times as the user wishes and installed on multiple devices. It works with all versions of Windows as well as Android and is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted smartphones.

The application is said to capture keystrokes, text messages, chats, and social network activity as well as search history and an archive of videos viewed. This allows parents to monitor what their children are saying, who they are speaking to and most importantly who is speaking to them. It can be used to detect and address cyberbullying and to prevent the cyberbullying of others.

Another uncommon feature of the parental monitoring application is the ability to recover deleted data from Android. Upon installation, the control panel dashboard immediately propagates with data from the device’s history. It will retrieve this information from the device even though it existed before the software was installed. This can include history such as the entire device location history as well as calls, call logs and texts that have been long forgotten.

The developers at remotekeyloggers.net have made this security and keylogging application available to everyone as they have completely undercut their competitors. At present they offer a low, one-time fee, no subscription price of $59.95 per year or $79.95 for a lifetime subscription. This is a big change to the pricing structures of typical industry leaders such as mSpy and FlexiSpy; as most Android spy apps and parental monitoring application developers typically charge that in a single month.

Device compatibility is another important factor that sets the WinSpy application apart from the competition. No longer do users need to worry about which Windows operating system and Android OS is compatible with which version of the software. The new application is compatible with all versions of Android as well as Windows, so it works with all devices whether they are fresh out of the box, or have been sitting around for years.

Invisible call recording is another signature feature of the application and is just as novel today as it was when first released in 2010. To date is it still the only keylogger that can boast the recording of all phone calls, making them instantly downloadable to MP3 just like any audio file.

Finally, there are three unique and real-time features that the keylogging application offers. Users can log into the remote Android live and listen-in to conversations happening around the smartphone. This feature typically works in the successful capture of audio up to 10′ (feet). The spy camera is another feature enviable of other spy apps, essentially allowing for the capture of photos and videos from both the front and back cameras of the smartphone.

The Windows keylogger is no less remarkable and can capture photos and videos from the laptop’s webcam as well as audio from the laptop’s microphone. This can be used to monitor activity taking place in the room where the laptop is located or even can be set to auto-record when motion is detected. The spy microphone can be set to record when a certain decibel threshold has been breached. This method is essential when considering the amount of data one would have to sort through without the ability to filter out background noise and motion that could be created by a common house fan.

Interested users can learn more about the solutions provided by visiting remotekeyloggers.net and reading their current software’s roadmap. They can also compare the different features of parental monitoring applications including those of 3rd party developers.

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