Nightlife In Gatlinburg: 6 Things To Do After The Sun Sets

Tennessee has it all, a bit of history, a natural vibe, and popular tourist attractions that stand right up there with the most famous cities in America. Most people don’t give the state a second thought when choosing a destination for a vacation. This is rather odd, considering that Tennessee has more attractions than people might have ever imagined.

In Tennessee lies a small town called Gatlinburg. This is one of the major mountain cities in the US and is home to the Smokys. However, despite the mountains being a popular hiking spot, the town has pretty fascinating nightlife. With that said, here’s what you can do in Gatlinburg when the sun goes down.


Experience Bear Mountain in the dark

Being in the mountains is magical when the sun goes down. The eerie silhouette of a hill against the backdrop of a starlit sky creates magnificent sight. Other than stargazing, the mountains in Gatlinburg have many fun things to do regardless of what time it is. The mountain rides are some of the most exciting ones you will ever experience. You will be screaming through your lungs and gasping for air at speeds of up to 35mph!

Among all the things to do Gatlinburg, visiting Bear Mountain after dark is a must. While the Rowdy Bear Coaster is a popular attraction for daytime tourists, the night views are breathtaking. Moreover, the facilities have adequate lighting for you to enjoy the experience and make the most of your trip.

Go clubbing in the little mountain town

Everyone wants to unwind and have a little fun. The best way to do that while on vacation is a night in the town after dark. For a small mountain town, Gatlinburg has lively nightlife. You can go clubbing to places like Shamrock or Pucker’s Sports Grill. Not only are you going to experience what it’s like to party in a small town, but partying into the morning while the sun rises over the mountains has a charm of its own.
The downtown clubs have everything you would want for a wild night out. The people are friendly, and the DJs know their stuff, and the dance floor full of people from all over the country.

Therefore, when thinking about what to do in Gatlinburg, ensure you cross a ‘visiting a nightclub’ off the list. It’s always a good idea to experience a town through its people. What better way to meet the people than when they are at their liveliest and ready to have a good time?

Dining with music

The town is known for its country music. Combine that with dinner, and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for a beautiful evening. Restaurants such as Crystelle Creek, Three Jimmy’s, and Smoky Mountain Brewery provide live music most nights of the week. The local cuisine covers everything from regular chocolate chip pancakes to grilled trout. So, after your daytime trekking routine, visit a local eatery to enjoy some great-tasting food and soothe your ears with good music. It’s the perfect combo to excite your senses.

Enjoy a campfire

You’re among the world-famous Smoky Mountains. And when in such a scenic environment, it might be a good idea to embrace nature authentically and light up a campfire on the hills.

Sit around the flames with your friends and family, tell stories and enjoy the moment. Moments like help you unwind and leave all the worries of your busy city life behind. The crackle of natural deadwood, the smell of pine in the air, and the noises of wildlife around you create an unparalleled experience. However, as cozy as they may sound, don’t forget to take the necessary precautions when lighting and putting out your campfire. The last thing you’d want is to burn the entire forest down.

Visit Ripley’s

If you’re a fan of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, don’t forget to check out the museum in the area. This place might have a bunch of spooky stuff to pique your interest. But only visit the site at night. The darkness and adrenaline create the perfect ambiance for some nighttime thrills and scares. Prioritize Ripley’s Haunted Adventure if you want a bone-chilling experience.

Stargazing at Newfound Gap

Stargazing is an experience that stays with you forever. The charm of natural beauty can rarely match the aesthetics of cosmic wonders. The mountains, trees, and rush of the river don’t hold a dime to the sheer majesty of the stars. However, they certainly do make for a beautiful backdrop to experience the twinkle of thousands of tiny night lights in the sky.

In the heart of the Smoky Mountains resides the Newfound Gap. An area where there is minimal light pollution, and you can experience the night’s sky in all its glory. There’s no better way to end your trip than laying on your back and looking straight up into the night sky.


Gatlinburg may be a small town, but there’s plenty of stuff that you can do even after the sun goes down. In fact, that’s when the place offers some of eh best views. You can go for the rides at Bear Mountain or go stargazing at Newfound Gap. The Smokys provide some breathtaking views at night. You can also set up a campfire with your partner or entourage in the woods for some warm, cozy moments. If you’re in for thrills and scares, don’t forget to visit Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. You’re bound to have a bone-chilling experience. Last but not least, check out the local clubs and diners for food, wine, and good country music.

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