No more grammatical errors with these apps

“Is it written with the box?” It is usual to have doubts about how to write a term correctly. And more in times where immediacy reigns and you choose to do fast before doing well.

An error can escape by a hurry. It is possible to have doubts from time to time and make mistakes. Now, when this happens in a systematic way, some measures can be taken. Because spelling is not a whim but a fundamental tool to communicate properly.

It is not like to say: “Juan, did he leave?” that “Juan left.” In the first case, we asked a certain Juan if someone else left. In the second case, we are affirming that Juan left.

There are countless examples where the incorrect use of punctuation and spelling can lead to great confusion.

Faults can also generate a bad impression. A CV or a cover letter with errors will surely not lead to a good outcome.

This is true for everything: an exchange of messages or emails with a boss or colleagues full of spelling mistakes does not make a good impression.

It is never too late to learn. With a little patience and attention, some spelling mistakes can be banished, no matter how rooted they seem. Here, some applications that may be useful.

grammatical errors

  • Hemingway editor

They have an app that directly accesses the database of the entity. Thus, it is possible to search for the meaning of the words, their spelling characteristics, and correct grammatical uses.

  • Ginger software

When entering the text, the app evaluates it and makes the necessary corrections. Then, from the same platform, it is possible to send the text already corrected by the message, Facebook or mail. It works in different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

  • Paper rater

It includes more than 75,000 complete definitions with examples, locations, and idioms. It also provides search suggestions and a history.

  • Grammarly

Contains a dictionary up to date with the words and idioms that continually enter the language for technological advances, business brands and foreign words that become popular and are not normally included in more classic dictionaries.

  • Correct word

It is an application designed for users to learn the correct use of language, testing the knowledge of grammar they have. In addition, they have the opportunity to demonstrate what they know about general culture in different game modalities.

  • Reverso

The Algorithm of this tool is designed to issue searches of anagrams, by approximation, with criteria, by conjugation of verbs and randomly. If you want to share the search result, the dictionary allows you to send the definitions through different social networks.

  • WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is based on the same concept as Grammarly, but also offers a mobile app for Android and includes a translator in 55 languages. For the rest, it is an application that will help you to correct grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation in English, both in social networks and blogs and in business and academic texts.

  • ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid revises grammatically and stylistically a text that you enter and gives you suggestions, not automatic changes. List the problems, redundancies, repetitions, readability, typos, and excesses of adverbs, and check if you have complied well with each of the objectives and what revisions you should implement.

  • LanguageTool

LanguageTool will help you to face some of the difficulties of writing. An effort has been made to detect typographical, orthographic and even grammatical errors. Also, some errors of style, grosso modo.

  • Word web app

Everyone makes typographical mistakes and spelling and grammar mistakes. Fortunately, Word Online makes searching and correcting easier.

While you are working, if you type a word that Word Online does not recognize, the application will place a red wavy line under it. Grammatical errors get a blue, double underline.

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