Office Stationery Items That You Should Have In Your Collection

Office stationery items help your employees and staff work in a more productive and organized manner. Also, it is no surprise that there is a constant need for these office supplies to help employees perform their tasks more conveniently. However, you can obtain several office stationery items on the basis of your office strength.

You may see them as small things, but every employee works around these trivial items. You need these items everywhere, on your desk while working, in the meeting room, while giving a presentation, everywhere. Imagine, you have to sign an important document, and you could not find a pen anywhere. It could significantly impact your performance.

Keeping these stationary items accessible can simplify most of your tasks and help in preventing minor errors.

Therefore, let’s learn about what are some essential office items that should be necessarily provided to each worker in the office, despite it being a large or small firm.


List of Eight Office Essentials

Below I have enlisted the eight best office essentials that should be opted in every company for better execution and quick work operation.

1. Pens and Pen Holder

In the era of technology and digitalization, the need for pens and pencils still can’t be replaced. The use of pens, ballpoints, fountain pens, and lead pencils is common in office environments. These pens come in several styles, designs, types, and colors. Pens are crucial; from signing a document to noting down something immediately, these are the most convenient items.

Moreover, if you get multiple pens, they don’t look well scattered on your table. There should be a proper place on your desk. That’s why a pen holder is also a crucial item along with pens. Pen holders come in plastic or wooden materials that come in various designs, shapes, sizes, and colors.

2. Computer Accessories

USB flash drives, blank media discs, and cleaning kits are some of the essential computer accessories that should be provided to every employee. The blank media discs include DVD or CD, which are considered high-definition storage. You can keep some important files, recordings, videos, and pictures in it. Similarly, pen drives are used for the same purpose, but they are smaller storage devices. The cleaning kits are used for cleaning your computer accessories on a daily basis to prevent them from damage. These are some significant items every employee’s table should hold.

3. Notebooks or Notepads

When you have a pen, you definitely require something to write on. Imagine you are talking to someone on call, you need to jot down some important information, and you find nothing to write. Notepads or journals are vital office supplies and are the best way to store information. When you suddenly recall any point, you can write it down immediately. Notebooks are super easy to carry and do not consume much space on your desk. It is recommended to provide small notepads; it consumes less space and maintains the office supplies budget.

4. File Holders

Most offices provide brown envelopes to the employee to keep their important files in them, which are not enough. Usually, they cannot see one specific file in these envelopes and waste a lot of time in finding the right one. Therefore, the workers should be given transparent or semi-transparent files, which allow them to see through the papers kept inside. These file holders are made with clear plastic materials and come in numerous colors.

5. Staplers and Paper Clips

Staplers and paper clips are an easy way to prevent papers from scattering. Well, the stapler is a one-time investment but make sure to not let your employees out of staple pins. Staplers are also used to remove pins from a paper.

6. Calculators

If you have a company that revolves around digits and calculations, then a calculator is a must-have item. There are some employees who don’t want to get their minds into complicated calculations; they require a calculator. You can provide basic calculators to each employee because they are affordable, easy-to-carry, and user-friendly.

However, calculators also come in a variety. A financial calculator is used for complicated business types and executing financial processes. A specialized calculator is also used for some business operations that come with printing options. On the other hand, a scientific calculator is for calculating complex math, biology, and scientific matters. A graphics calculator is designed for calculating mathematical equations such as trigonometry or geometry. You can identify the office’s budget and requirements and choose which calculator you want to provide.

7. Sticky notes

Almost every person faces issues of recalling important points while working therefore, sticky notes were discovered in 1968. The sticky notes help to get rid of memory lapses and can organize employees and their work. As they are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes you can also add freshness by writing important information and placing it on your desk.

8. Paper clips

There are cases where staplers are considered harmful because they get stuck in the fingers while using. Therefore, the best and safer option is paper clips. They are the necessary tool for the office because there is a lot of paperwork done; they can secure your papers in a few seconds. Another best thing about these clips is that they are lightweight, easy to carry, secure, and available in many different colors. This is very small but undoubtedly a must-have tool in the office.


So, these were some mandatory office supplies that should be provided to every worker in the office. These station items help employees to work with organization and efficiency. It definitely adds more value to your company’s competence and boosts its development. However, whatever item you purchase, make sure to determine your office budget and buy supplies without disturbing it. There are several other things that are less important but a part of the office environment. These things include tape, glues, binding machine, printer, punching machine, laminator, and first aid kits. These are the things that are used regularly and make your life easier.

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