[FIXED] PS4 Hulu Corrupted Data: Won’t Load

Do you use Hulu on PS4 to stream movies and watch your favourite TV shows? If you do, then you probably might have come across the “PS4 Hulu corrupted data” error. While this won’t be a problem for everyone but I have some friends who do face this problem. Hulu won’t load for them and it becomes really irritating being clueless how to get rid of it even after rebooting the system a several times.

If you are one of those who face this unusual problem, then you will be happy to know that in this guide I will be sharing how to solve it. Running Hulu on PS4 has become a headache for a lot of people and fixing the corrupted data and not loading errors has became necessary. So I decided to write this quick guide which will help you all to fix this issue easily.


What is PS4 Hulu Corrupted Data Error?

Hulu keeps information on the PS4 drive and somehow these files get damaged and need to be deleted permanently out of the system. You can delete the files by navigating to the data under Settings.

You might have to re-enter your email address and password details, but this will solve and discard the error message you used to receive about a corrupted file and it won’t reappear when you launch Hulu after doing this.

Online gaming and everything else works just fine but sometimes people aren’t even able to load the episodes from which they can choose what to watch or sometimes Hulu won’t load on PS4 device at all. In order to get rid of this issue, you need to remove the corrupted data from the system so that it doesn’t keep you from running Hulu smoothly.

How to Fix PS4 Hulu Corrupted/Hulu Won’t Load Error

The corrupted data makes Hulu behave in an unusual manner and you will experience glitches and other problems. Hulu might not load at times and you won’t be able to watch any movies or episodes as well.

Follow the below steps in order to get rid of the corrupted data so that Hulu works as it used to like butter.

  • First of all, go to the PS4 Settings
  • Now choose “Application Saved Data Management” from the menu
  • Go to “Saved Data in System Storage
  • Select the “Delete” option
  • Select “Hulu Plus” app from the list
  • Click on the “Hulu Plus” icon and tap on “Delete
  • Now you need to reinstall the app but when it starts to install make sure you delete the Update file for it while it’s downloading
  • Once Hulu is done downloading start it (It’s normal for the update file to start downloading again) then your good to go after your done install the update file

After you download it it will show a download message and an update file download message in the top left corner of your tv, these are your notifications. Go to your notifications icon while Hulu is downloading. Hit the options button on your controller on the update file and the delete icon will show.

This should work for you. If it doesn’t and the problem persists, you can even delete the “Saved Data in Online Storage” for “Hulu Plus” as well.

Final Thoughts

It’s disappointing as some of my friends even tried contacting the Hulu support but still didn’t get any exact solutions. I hope you were able to follow the steps I discussed above properly and were able to solve this issue.

I would like to add here that Netflix is a far better option for streaming movies than Hulu. There have been no known issues with running Netflix on PS4 and it’s ad-free as well. So do give it a thought about shifting to using Netflix instead of a problem-giving service.

I hope you solved the “PS4 Hulu corrupted data” problem easily by following my guide. Feel free to comment below to ask any questions or want me to solve any technology issues which you are facing in your day to day life. Cheers!

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