Salesforce vs Other Cloud CRMs: Which One Should I Choose?

Historically, business owners and their teams relied on handwritten notes, personal notebooks, organizers, Rolodexes, and desk calendars to save and impart details about their daily transactions. Following the growth of technology, modern computers made their way into each worker’s desk. On top of that, the contemporary interconnectivity of the internet has paved the way for software to be developed to replace manually stored files like CRM cloud-based software.


Cloud-based CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the kind of software that is developed to modernize the tasks of most businesses. Many companies and organizations of today have found that CRM can integrate multiple processes that they attend to. It further developed as a cloud-based software that can be used to monitor external or internal business negotiations.

CRM applications are designed primarily to help companies manage relationships inside the workplace or the people that they cater to. It is also used for recording important data about interactions with customers and potential clients. Overall CRM software provides swift connections for the transferring of important information between colleagues.

Several CRM software of today is equipped with unique features well-suited to the corporate environment. A notable example for this is the one provided by Commence, a well-designed CRM web application. The cloud-based program known as Commence is a great CRM for small and medium-sized businesses, for it focuses on sales automation and improving or establishing essential relationships with every kind of clientele.

CRM is considered by most as a systematic tool which functions to assist companies in keeping in touch with their customers, smoothen their overall processes, and find ways to grow their profitability potential. It also functions to synchronize customer relations and the distribution of specific data towards each of their business units.


The evolution of manually operated processes of companies, corporations, and businesses from hand-held reminders and written notes towards the computer age allowed them to ease most of their operations. In recent years, the surge in cloud-based computing technology would be integrated with software that specializes in multi-tasking. Salesforce is considered one of the best software to exist when it comes to efficient management computing.

Origins of Salesforce

Companies that used CRM software during the build-up of the computer age relied upon their very own servers. Several of them took years to assemble and set-up costing owners valuable time and resources that could have been applied elsewhere. The solution that was implemented was the invention of CRM software that can be accessed with the worldwide reach of the internet.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce began as a Service or SaaS company. They evolved to become a CRM cloud-based software that serves as a platform to provide a variety of solutions that deals with connections and company methodologies and infrastructure. It also gives users and developers the flexible ability to create their customized software applications.

Benefits of Salesforce vs Other CRM Software

Salesforce originated as the pioneer of moving its CRM software as a cloud-based service. Today, it has been developed as a multipurpose platform that enables several companies with the development of their applications. It also gives a wide variety of tools for ordinary users and developers with the creation of their programs that could bring more profit.

  • Salesforce gives the ability to transform an idea into an application.
    • Focus on making your app.
    • Provides an array of tools
    • A cost-effective way of production
  • Positive attributes of Salesforce:
    • Speed 
      • Salesforce can finalize your product within months or weeks, while conventional CRMs take years to complete.
    • Ease-of-Use
      • Salesforce has a comprehensive interface for immediate understanding of how it works and lessens while increasing its duration to assist in building original software.
    • Efficiency
      • The CRM system used by Salesforce is very flexible and can be customized for different types of business models.
  • Cloud-Based
    • Salesforce is the forefront of transitioning CRM software into a cloud-based application, which makes it accessible to its users.
  • Versatility
    • Third-party applications can be blended with the use of Salesforce. 
  • Malleability
    • An ever-expanding business can find itself applying changes with its operations. Salesforce is a scalable software that can be nimble with company growth.

A List of Other CRM Software

Even significant companies that operate in online marketing have implemented their cloud-services. The phenomenal surge in internet-based programs can be observed with substantial tech-giants like Google with its Google Cloud Platform, Amazon’s Web Services, and Microsoft’s Azure that have applied its advantages for their growth. Marketing start-ups and digital entrepreneurs want to have an application that can make their processes run smoother, faster, cost-effectively, and increase income. Customer Relationship Management or CRM software is the most suitable option to boost client relations.

Cloud-based CRM Software that can be used by start-ups or veteran business owners:

  • Zoho CRM

Zoho features a flexible CRM software with its modular approach. It lets users learn of CRM basics that can be edited and added upon if necessary.

  • Hubspot CRM

Hubspot specializes in providing tools that can produce leads, connect with customers, and complete more deals. It is the pioneering software of inbound marketing.

  • Freshsales CRM

The CRM software manages relationships with your customers by gathering their data on social media platforms. It also utilizes the powerful calculation abilities of AI with lead score ratings that show which is set to be purchased.

  • Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM uses the effectiveness of SEO and SEM marketing techniques. It also blends marketing, sales, and service to generate positive outcomes. Sugar collects data with social media sources and business trends that can give useful insights.

  • NetSuite CRM

Netsuite is a CRM software under the Oracle brand. Years of experience and resources are spent to produce Netsuite in an excellent CRM application. It features a sales force automation process that monitors sales activity.


The appearance of cloud-based CRM software has helped multiple businesses and companies relating to their personnel and clients while increasing revenue and expanding profitability. Salesforce is the pioneer in moving CRM software into a cloud storage platform. Its unique features give users and developers the ability to create their customized software. It can also be accessed by different companies that want to develop their applications while being provided with the tools of CRM software.

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