Save Money While Using Parkos Parking Services

When traveling for business meetings out of the town or country, car parking near airport premises can be an uphill task. With Parkos, you can now get cheap airport parking thanks to the site’s information. JFK airport is among the busiest airports in the USA and specifically in New York City. Getting parking lot spaces can be costly. Save the money that you could have used for expensive parking fees for holiday enjoyment. Using modern technology offered by Parkos, passengers can compare different parking lots at different parking rates.

Nobody wants to be overcharged for parking their car, especially if they are leaving for a long time. Therefore, with just a snap of a button, offers you different parking lots spots around the airport. Parkos also helps you compare the rates between different places that area around the airport. Depending on your convenience and financial ability, you can book via online means the parking lot that suits your needs. Below are the services offered by Parkos.


Online Reservations

From your own house’s comfort, you can fast check the available parking slots which are available. Through this site, travelers can be able to compare prices and chose an ideal parking lot that suits them.

After you confirm the dates of your leaving and arrival, book the parking lot that is pocket-friendly and convenient through the site.

Long Term Parking

When a traveler needs to go away for a business or leisure trip, expensive long term parking can cut short the trip. Expensive parking lot rates are a thing of the past now. Parkos offers passengers with discounted rates for those people traveling for an extended period.

Offsite parking lots offer ideal parking spots for long term parking as they provide discounted daily charges of up to $9 per day — some shuttles transport passengers to and from the parking lots after every 20 minutes.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is among the oldest methods offered by parking companies in the airport industry. It involves giving designated driver keys to your car. The driver then parks the vehicle in a safe location for you. Upon your arrival from a business or leisure trip, a driver will get the car from the parking slot for you again. Parkos allows the traveler to communicate in advance with valet parking staff and drivers.

Short Term Parking

This is essential for those going to pick passengers at the airport or short term travelers. Parkos eases the parking work by allowing you to view the available parking spots in advance. Not only do you get information about the available parking spots, but the parking rates are also included too.

Shuttle Parking Services

Shuttles which are owned by parking slots owners or other private companies move passengers to and from the airport. Shuttles are a great way to move from the hotel to the airport within a short time.  Shuttle services are free of charge in most airport parking arrangements.

In conclusion, Parkos has dramatically changed the airport parking scene. They understand how change or delays can happen in flights, and thus, they offer free cancellation and booking. This, in turn, gives the travelers the freedom to change or cancel their parking slot without losing their cash

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