Secrets Of Email Marketing To Learn

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Getting results from an email marketing campaign depends on the strategy you adopt. There is no silver bullet when marketing using email. Experts recommend a continuous evaluation to determine the strategies that work and those that will not work. A strategy might also work for one product and not the other. A blended solution is required to help you get the best email marketing results. Here are some of the best email marketing tips to consider. 

  • Use the Double Open Strategy

Email recipients click on your mail because the headline is compelling. It is impossible to please all members of your mailing list with a single headline. Instead of crafting multiple emails for marketing, the Double Open Strategy will help you to get the message home without crafting new campaigns. 

What is Double Open Strategy? It involves resending the same email with a different title. The title should still indicate the content of your email to avoid spamming. It increases the click-through rate without demanding the crafting of a different campaign. Some of the tricks to entice people to open the second email include 

  • Creating a different and more captivating heading
  • Changing the wording without amending the content
  • Using a header that reflects a different time
  • Optimizing preheader text to capture the attention of recipients
  • Waiting for 3-5 days before resending the email

The people who did not open the first email because the title will open the second. It helps you to pass the same message without the struggle of drafting another campaign. The strategy also helps you to understand the email consumption habits of your target recipients. 

  • A Cliffhanger On Your Heading Will Send Everyone Clicking

A cliffhanger holds information back to heighten curiosity. It is the hook that will push readers to click on the email to find the remaining part of the information. An ellipsis at the end of the title could indicate that a part of the headline is hidden. 

It takes creativity to get the cliffhanger strategy right. If it appears like an obvious trick, the readers will still skip the email. In fact, they will consider your emails as a bag of tricks that they are not willing to play along. Use the technique cautiously to avoid annoying your subscribers. 

  • The Preheader Requires As Much Attention As The Header

An enticing and exciting preheader drives more people to open your email. When the preheader space is utilized well, it drives incredible traffic to your website. It is also a perfect way to increase engagement with the target audience. 

Most email marketers neglect this space. When it is used to complement the headline, this space delivers the most amazing results through conversion and more time spent on your email. Remember that the preheader space and the headline carry varying weights. Each requires unique attention to elicit the desired action from potential customers. 

  • Contextualize Your CTA Button

The whole idea of sending the email is to elicit an action. In marketing, this action should appear voluntary and rewarding even though you have pushed the reader to take the action. However, the effort to craft a captivating email will be wasted if your CTA is misplaced. Place it in such a natural place that the reader will feel like it is a part of reading the email. 

Three elements define a good CTA

  • It’s descriptive
  • Easy to act on
  • Visible 

A descriptive CTA gives clear instructions on what the reader should do. The expected action should be easy to perform, like entering an email, clicking on a subscription button, or joining a group. Place the CTA at a position where the reader can’t miss it. It eliminates excuses as to why the desired action was not taken. 

  • Make Engagement Your Priority

Boosting sales is only a short term goal during email marketing. While this is natural, the effort that goes into setting up campaigns can bring more to the business. Use emails to engage more with your customers with sales being a secondary goal. 

Email marketing should be used to build relationships. Remember that people do not go to the ‘inbox’ to buy goods. They use emails as a communication tool. You should, therefore, not transform it into a counter because the results will be disastrous. Rather, use it to get feedback, introduce new products, and keep your brand at the top of the mind of potential buyers. 

Marketing using email requires a lot of discipline, especially on frequency. Do not send too many emails such that the recipient considers it spam. Test your campaign to determine its effectiveness and identify ways of improving its effectiveness.

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