SEO For Dummies – Guide On How To Develop An Effective Organic Growth Strategy For Your Website

Searching Engine Optimizing SEO Browsing Concept

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization which is a process in which your online visibility is enhanced by applying different techniques and set of rules to rank your page higher on search engines. SEO is important because it stabilizes the position of your website on search engine ranking and if done correctly improves it over time. To maintain the ranking one must consider keeping the content of the website user friendly, easy to access, and navigate through. If the user is confused and stuck after landing on your page and leaves the website that will surely affect the ranking hence deteriorating the search engine result.

The Dummies guide on seo will walk you through the whole process and will give you a clear picture of how SEO is done professionally in 2020 and in the coming years.

Why is SEO important?

Online activities are increasing day by day, so fast that it is beyond our imagination hence drastically increasing competition in online businesses, blog posts, and websites. Millions and millions of people are searching for information on search engines for their problems and queries.

If you own a website and want users to land on your page fast then SEO can play a vital part to bring targeted traffic to your page.

Here are the reasons that prove the importance of SEO…

  1. Surveys show that the majority of the people land on the top positioned websites displayed by the search engine especially the top 5 positions. Therefore to appear on the suggested search engine result pages(SERPS) it is important to optimize your website according to the set of rules provided by Google and other search engines to enjoy maximum organic traffic.
  2. Having a top position through SEO must not be the only practice, for all intent and purposes make sure to prepare a fully interactive website for the smooth and uninterrupted navigational experience.
  3. To users, search engine keyword results are highly valuable which as a result enlightens trust in the respective websites.
  4. Smart SEO techniques and success rate on Google and other search engines encourage the users to promote your website on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more which can bring good business and value to your website.
  5. SEO plays a vital role in putting forward an optimized website in top positions no matter even if bigger players of the same niche are present to compete.
  6. SEO is beneficial for a massive website that gets huge traffic each day. This gives a direct and indirect advantage to authors that are involved in the publications of the site. The direct benefit is that they get traffic through search engines and indirect benefit is that they have a predesigned criterion to work for smooth deliverance and running of the website.

Now, we know that SEO is essential for websites to make their visibility prominent in the online world. Next step is to understand there are three kinds of searches generally users make to solve their issues

· Navigational search

This kind of search is usually a general one. People type different keywords to acquire knowledge and information. It is just a random search. For example, the landmarks of ‘France’.

· Informational search

This search type focuses on a targeted search term that a user is particularly looking for. For instance, someone is about to visit France with family so he or she wants to explore the country must visit locations hence the keywords would be, ‘places to visit in France’.

· Transactional search

As the term is self-explanatory, that is the user intends to purchase something. In this case, the search term could be ‘cheap hotels in France’

SEO is basically a game of frequently typed keywords to reach a targeted website. If your keywords are collected and placed together in the demanded format of a search engine there is no way your website can not be ranked in the top positions. For this reason, there are several tools to support your skill and find out high search volume keywords. Few to name are,

· Ahref: it is a keyword tool

· SEMRush: Marketing SEO tool

· Ubersuggest: A keyword tracking tool

· MOZ: SEO software

· KWFinder: Keyword tool

6 reasons why SEO is important for both small and big online businesses…


There is a major influx of online businesses in the past couple of years especially the Corona pandemic has elevated the growth beyond expectation. It is vitally important to perform updated SEO techniques to rank your business and make potential conversions. Let us look into the reasons why SEO is so essential for businesses to make good sales.

1. As we all know that Google is the most visited site and is the pioneer of all search engines holds a credible and trusted position, hence the organic search results matter a great deal to users searching google and other search engines. Organic results equal to great business conversions and involvement.

2. SEO can help build customers’ trust and to provide users with flawless experience on the website. This process is not that easy a lot is to be done to have a credible position like,

· Beneficial backlinks

· Optimized on-page content

· User’s satisfaction

Besides the above factor, work hard with a strong commitment to providing clients with quality products and services.

3. The game is all about making users happy. If your website appears to be at top positions make sure the content available on the website matches users’ intent else your position will be compromised by a machine designed program of Google and other search engines.

4. SEO is a comparatively cheap option but if it pays off then why not invest in something giving you good business and user’s activity.

5. SEO opens new gateways. Quality SEO service takes the brand to the next level by understanding brands and their stakeholders can convert you into being one.

6. Playing good SEO games can have lasting effects for years to come for brand recognition. Stay connected to changing trends and demands of the online world and keep optimizing the website as per change to have a strong holding in the market.

It is high time to take action and get your business rolling by implementing set rules and actions of SEO to rank your online website and gain prominence on different search engines.

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