Sexy Lingerie Is An Investment. Six Tips To Make The Right Choice

When choosing the best lingerie, finding something that fits your style and makes you feel beautiful can be a headache-inducing shopping nightmare. You might end up worrying if what you’re wearing feels uncomfortable or fits you weirdly. On top of that, if it is your first time shopping, exploring the crazy, deep rabbit hole will leave you questioning everything you know about panties and bras.

However, contrary to the laws of lingerie being ‘sexy,’ sexiness isn’t measured by the amount of skin your reveal, the lace you wear, or the padding you flaunt. After all, beauty is all about comfort, confidence, and the courage to be yourself in your favorite pair of G-string and stockings. So, when choosing the right lingerie for yourself, be honest and understand the level of comfort your body feels when wearing that ultra-revealing lingerie. Whether it is unpadded, underwire, lace, or seamless, it’s the right choice for you if you feel happy wearing it. Here are a few tips when choosing the right lingerie for yourself. After all, the right lingerie can spice up your sex life as well as keep your partner begging for more! And it can also boost your professional confidence.


Know your lingerie

Before you begin your lingerie shopping journey, you have to be aware of the thousands of different types of lingerie available and what you should consider buying. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself, right? There are tons of lingerie available for every occasion you can think of, from a bikini to low-rise thongs to G-string to bodysuits to a chemise.

Fancy a day out at the beach? In that case, there’s nothing better than wearing a two-piece bikini that shows tons of skin for a good tan. Are you aching for a love-making session after a romantic dinner? Show your partner you are serious about business by wearing a chemise along with a matching thong to make her/him sweat. If you’re on the heavy side, there are tons of options available for you as well. Just perform a search for the best plus size shapewear on the internet, and you are sure to find something that makes you feel comfortable in front of your partner.

Be compatible with what you wear

When choosing the right lingerie to wear, you should always look into buying pieces that you will feel comfortable wearing. Only when you feel genuinely satisfied will you be able to excel at whatever it is that you’re doing.

If you’re a newbie to lingerie shopping, purchase a few simple but elegant pieces such as colored lace lingerie. It will be great with anything you pair it with. If you are comfortable in showing a lot of skin, the bottom line is to buy lingerie that lets you. If you’re the conservative type, opt for something that provides more coverage. However, a little cleavage won’t hurt anybody and will set the mood or something far spicier!

Know your body type well

Buying a one-size-fits-all product is not the solution. You must know about your body type. If you are petite, ruffles will look great on you, which are perfect for smaller women. If you have voluptuous curves, you would want to make your curves the center of attention while de-emphasizing other body parts. If you are athletic, a sexy lace bralette will provide you with a sensual feminine touch.

If you have big knockers, you would want to try lingerie that flaunts off your breasts and make them look even more prominent than they are. This advice is also helpful for women with small breasts. If you have a round back-side, display it in all its glory with a tiny rhinestone G-string. Also, the right lingerie can highlight other parts of your body, such as your broad shoulders, if you can find something that suits you.

Know the occasion

Just as different clothes are suitable for different occasions, the same is the case for lingerie. For the nights where you feel like relaxing, a sexy bodysuit will be a perfect choice. You can buy nice padded underwear and bra sets to go well with your everyday work outfits.

If a special event such as a romantic vacation or a hot blind date is around the corner, go all out and choose something more revealing than usual. Experiment with new colors of fabrics, and your perspective will change when you wear something you haven’t considered trying before. For occasions such as engagements or weddings, try to compliment your wedding dress with what you wear underneath. For example, if you go with a white wedding on your big day, go with white-colored lingerie or something your partner will love to undress.

Seasonal lingerie

When the season changes, so should your lingerie. For colder seasons, invest in heavier lingerie. Bodysuits are perfect and go well with layered clothing to keep your body warm in winter. Stocking also works well to keep your legs from showing signs of dryness.

For summers, you should wear light, breathable lingerie. Fabrics such as lightweight jersey, mesh, or lace will help you beat the heat. Since summer is when you can show off your voluptuous body, you can wear a bikini with bold colors underneath your strappy dresses and tank tops.

Consider your budget

Lingerie is a vital accessory for women, and good quality pieces can cost hundreds of dollars. A G-string sold by the sought-after brand can run you around 45 dollars. Some people might say why so much money for such little coverage. Well, quality comes with a hefty price, especially in matters of underwear. Sure, every woman should purchase an expensive piece for that particular night, but go with something you can replace without stressing out much for everyday wear.


Lingerie shopping is not all about following the tips mentioned above. It is about having fun. It would be a good idea to experiment with various styles, colors, and textures to identify something you like. However, the good news is, regardless of your body shape and size, there is always something for you when it comes to choosing the right lingerie.


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