Should You Use LED Lighting in Your House?

electrician installing led light bulbs in ceiling lamp

Great lighting can make a humdrum house or apartment look like a masterpiece! Alternatively, even the most luxurious estates can be bogged down by bad lights.

It doesn’t take an interior decorator’s instinct to tell when something is not quite right about the lighting in a living space, but diagnosing the issue and figuring out a solution can be tricky.

That’s why we believe in versatile lighting that gives you the creative license to make your living space come to life without spending crazy cash.

LED lights are very underrated when it comes to illuminating your space. They may not be your main source of light, but they provide some much-needed extra wattage to any situation.

Here are a few hidden advantages of LED lights that you want to consider as you revamp your lighting setup, both indoors and outside.

More Versatile Design

Let’s be real – all of us want our living space to look sophisticated, but our attempts at light design come up short most of the time.

Hiring an expensive interior decorator simply isn’t an option, and the setups we see in magazines and blogs aren’t exactly friendly on the wallet, either.

LED lights are the shortcut to great-looking lighting that we’ve been dreaming of but could never seem to achieve on our own.

One of the huge upsides of LED technology is the low-profile form factor that allows you to place lights in places you never thought possible.

Under the cabinet, next to the sink, or beneath your kitchen appliances are all fair game for LEDs, and you can fill in gaps where incandescent bulbs just aren’t feasible.

Whereas traditional bulbs need fixtures in floor lamps or overhead sockets to work, LEDs can go absolutely anywhere, making your imagination the only limitation on design.

LED lights also allow you to think about outdoor spaces in a new way, with strings of mini-lights and power-packed strips that make your patio or deck way more inviting at night.

A little goes a long way when working with LEDs, which can illuminate the darkness way more effectively than incandescents.

Don’t be that person who misses out on summer nights outside because you don’t have the proper outdoor lighting!

Big Energy Savings

There’s a reason why the LED trend has gained so much momentum in a time where energy efficiency is so important.

According to Energy.Gov, the average LED light lasts 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and typically use at least 75% less energy.

Compared to old-school bulbs, LEDs also emit way less heat, making your living space more comfortable overall and ensuring that your A/C system doesn’t work too hard.

All these factors equate to great things for your energy bill and the health of the planet overall.

It doesn’t matter if you plug your LEDs into a power outlet, load up the unit with batteries or twist bulbs into your empty fixtures, this technology is a great way to cut down on waste.

Anyone looking to save some cash and reduce their carbon footprint should consider substituting at least a few fixtures with LED lights.

Tougher than the Rest

Anyone who has relied on incandescent bulbs for a long time knows that they are not exactly the most reliable lighting products out there.

Fixtures are fickle and the bulbs themselves can burn out quickly, rarely lasting as long as you expect. This can lead to some unexpected blackouts and annoying trips to the store.

When you’re trying to light an outdoor space, LEDs are king. They are often encased in a highly durable protective casing that allows them to withstand crazy weather and low temps.

If you’re tired of replacing outdoor incandescents over and over, it may be time to switch over to LEDs. They can deliver the same visual appeal without forcing you to replace them constantly.

When it comes to lighting those essential areas of the property like stairwells and sheds, there is no debating that LED offers the best performance.

They last longer, meaning you don’t have to wobble on that ladder every month, and they pack way more power than traditional bulbs.

In areas where visibility is key, you want as much wattage as possible and LED delivers exactly that.


If you’re on the fence about incorporating LED lights into your home setup, consider the huge range of benefits you can achieve from using this great technology.

Boundery has your back with a ton of innovative LED light products for any situation and design idea you may have.

Whether it’s a motion-sensing LED Light Bar or mini accent light discs, there is a solution for your lighting needs that maximizes energy and reduces your monthly bills.

Stay tuned to our site for great new products and sweet deals on innovative LEDs for the home.

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