[SOLVED] Showbox “Waiting for Download/Peers” Problem

I am sure if you are reading this, you use Showbox Android app to watch movies or TV shows on your smartphone. Who wouldn’t? It’s the best rated movie streaming app for any mobile OS with a huge collection in almost all genres, which is updated regularly. It basically downloads the movie or TV show episode from their servers and allows you to watch it on your devices. The videos are of the best quality in full HD and you can even use subtitles in different languages if you aren’t comfortable in English.

In this guide, I am going to address the “Showbox waiting for download” or “Showbox waiting for peers” issue which a lot of users have been facing including myself. I figured out a way to solve these problems in an easy way. So I thought to share it with you guys and score some new friends through my blog.


What is Showbox Waiting for Download Problem?

When you are using Showbox and trying to play a specific video, you will see a “Start” button and when you will tap on it, will change to “Resume“. But this will change almost suddenly back to “Start” and you will see a message “Waiting for download“. The video download never starts actually and you won’t be able to watch it. This is the main issue we are dealing with.

  • After talking to my friends, I know that restarting or reinstalling the app won’t work, so you can save the trouble of doing that


What is Showbox Waiting for Peers Problem?

Waiting for peers” in a layman language means that that you are waiting for other users to upload the content you want to download. Once they open the app,  you will be able to download that particular video. In order to make the process of downloading movies or TV shows on this app, you need these peers or 10 users to use the app and hence you are waiting for them to connect to the app.

  • It is important to note here that there needs to be MORE THAN 10 users who have this content to be online, using the app

How to Fix Showbox Waiting for Download Issue

After trying out a lot of different solutions like rebooting, reinstalling or clearing the cache and more, I finally figured out how to solve this issue.

This problem is fixed if you skip the updates, so whenever you get a prompt to update the app, just skip it. If you have already done that, you should go and download the old version (4.69) from the below link.

4.69 version

4.69 Ad-free version

What is Showbox Lite Version? (Download)

It was developed by a Reddit user (riesdepies), Show Box Lite has the same regular updates for shows and movies as the official Show Box. The app itself though does not have an auto-update feature like the official version has. You can download it from the link given below.

4.69 Lite version

How to Fix Showbox Waiting for Peers Issue

Now how do you get 10 users to get online and use the app so you can download the movie or TV show that you wish to watch? Well, this sounds complicated but it’s not really that hard to crack. Here’s the solution:

  • Try installing a download manager like ADM
  • Select a movie you wish to watch
  • Choose server 3
  • Press on WATCH NOW
  • Now select ADM Editor from the app-selector that pops up

Note: You have to select “other” option from the drop down menu to select what player you use before clicking the watch now. The ADM basically will use  multiple parallel connections to speed up your video download.

Final Thoughts

I hope you were able to solve both the problems “Showbox waiting for download or peers” by following the method which I demonstrated above. I know this was a small guide and this problem is not so familiar but many users wanted this to be solved, so I wished to share it.

Do share the article if you think it’s helpful and comment below if you have any questions or if you want a guide on any specific topic, thanks for reading. Cheers guys!


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