20 Free Sites Like 123Movies: Latest Alternatives [2023]

Sites Like 123Movies: Art tends to stir the emotions from inside, provoke emotions, arouse us as human beings, and lead us in directions that we don’t want to go. Maybe this exactly is why we love films because of what they give to us and how they create an impact on us. The Revolution of IMAX screens and other technologies is because movies sell.

They have come a long way from just being the recreational elements to artistic elements which can allure people, inside out. But, then again how many of us can really afford both time and money to go to the screens and watch a favorite film, given the hectic life schedule and budget constraints we have. A metropolitan city doesn’t actually give you much freedom to watch a film and this is when you get frustrated in the search for alternative options like nonton movie.


What is 123Movies?

As a movie lover, one has to enjoy movies in HD format. This is how many online streaming portals have come into the picture. While there are tonnes and tonnes of such services being developed, few of them are oriented in the best way that they can satisfy the customers by providing them everything that they come in search for.

123Movies.to is one such app that allows you to watch and download HD movies, the ones which have done both well and not so well at the box office. 123Movies.to have been a global online movies provider for all the movie lovers, irrespective of the countries be it Asia, America, Japan and basically every country but for other countries you may looking how to make 123movies unblocked to get access on such areas.

The portal has a huge database that can be explored and one can access the entire website without any registration. That’s how the 123Movies.to works, where everything is unlimited and entirely free. Since there were some controversies on an issue, you can read our review to get a better insight on is 123movies safe and legal or not.

The interface of the portal is extremely user-friendly and perplexing enabling the visitors to search for their favorite TV show, or favorite movie as they explore through different categories based on country, genre, TV series, the year of release, IMDB ratings, and much more.

In case you haven’t found any of your favorite movies on the database, you can always request the 123Movies.to, to upload the movie for you. 123Movies.to is an online portal that doesn’t store files on the server which is why they usually collect the materials from third parties. In case if you fail to find a video on 123Movies.to or face a problem in the streaming/downloading it, here are 20 free sites Like 123Movies that you can try. Have a look!

20 123Movies Alternatives

1. Fmovies.is

URL: http://fmovies.is

Completely different to the existing sites, Fmovies.to tops the list of alternatives because of its user base. It has come a long way since the time it started and is now the best online streaming site for people.

An exquisite thing about it is that there is no any advertising but just streaming that gives you a chance to get rid of all the pop-ups that you usually have to deal. The design is rich and analyzed with exuberant features, put all together for delivering the best experience to the users.

The movies can be filtered based on all the generic filters as mentioned above and you can download a movie in different qualities based on the date of release along with the subtitles so that you can watch it offline, with ease.

2. Putlocker.is

URL: http://putlocker.is

Using Putlocker, you can watch all the desired movies online on a full length. The service is incredibly fast and is super secure that you don’t have to worry if streaming on the site would cause certain dissonance to your device. With the Recent updates “new putlocker site in 2018 is” -> https://putlockers.cz/

You won’t be asked for any registration irrespective of what you want to watch. Just like 123movies.to; Putlocker is also a portal that serves on external hosts, however which are not affiliated with it.

But, the portal gathers all the videos from each corner of the internet and provides you the best for you to watch on your PC, tablet, smart TV, Android, and iOS devices.

3. Rainierland

URL: http://ranierland.pro

Rainierland Movies is quite different from other entertainment based websites. It is entirely dedicated to the TV shows and HD movies which can be watched for absolutely free.

If you are searching for a dedicated portal that offers you all kinds of movies coming from the oldest ones, the best classics to the newly released movies. The site doesn’t contain any advertisement which is why you can expect ad-free content without any interruption or hurdles.

4. SolarMoviez.to

URL: http://SolarMoviez.to

SolarMovie.ph is the best accumulation of films that you could find on the web. The site has an amusing interface, and it contains best HD films over the web.

Instead of keeping the movies on its servers, SolarMovie provides the downloading and live spilling connections of the movies from different sources. The user-friendly interface is pretty basic, and SolarMovie contains a seeking framework with autonomous videos listed right on the first page.

As usual, a hunt bar is given in which the guests can just type the name of the film. You will be given different downloading links to download the movies in different qualities based on the bandwidth and the internet speed.

5. WatchFree.to

URL: http://WatchFree.to

WatchFree.to is a video centered website which not only provides you movies, TV shows, documentaries where you can find the download/streaming links for all the episodes of the TV series, movies, and shows. The site has made it pretty clear that it doesn’t host the videos on its servers but gathers the link around the web and provide it for the users. If you are looking for sites like 123movies for tv shows, this is the perfect solution.

6. XMovies8.ru

URL: http://XMovies8.ru/xmovies8

XMovies8.ru is a specific website for watching all the free HD movies for free. The charges of the website are absolutely free as it allows you to download the movies irrespective of the type, length, duration and the category.

The site is neat and allows you to stream the videos based on your internet speed and consistency, where you don’t need any kind of registrations. According to XMovies8.ru, only best of the films are notified on this online portal and thus if you’re in search of one, it is guaranteed.

7. Movie4k.to

URL: http://Movie4k.to

Movie4k.to, in the recent years, has gained a lot of predominance because of the popularity it has acquired. If you are a movie lover in search of extensive research, this website is the best that you can find.

It displays all the top rated movies, and recently, the developers of the portal have also launched a section with movies categorized based on their year of release. Therefore, if you have covered a particular year’s movies and wanted to explore the previous year as much, you can access this website.

8. Vumoo

URL: http://vumoo.li/

Vumoo is a top-rated website among the people who are looking for a free movie website. The site has a collection of 60,000 movies that grows every day.

It’s good to look at it from a different perspective given all the free streaming websites. The interface of the Vumoo is super polished and is extremely beautiful given the popularity it holds. One can watch free movies online and use it to sort the movies by different filters named actors, title, and genre, etc.

Vumoo is not very old, but still, it has got a huge following because of the features it holds.

9. GoMovies.to

URL: http://GoMovies.to

GoMovies is an online platform which allows you to watch the top rated movies, entirely for free. GOMovies is one of the very best sites that you can find on the internet for watching hundreds of movies, which are top rated for free.

One of the most important things about GoMovies is that it has a nice showcase of the released movies in a categorized way. In case if you are one of those people who loves to watch a film every day, then this site is the one for you.

10. LosMovies.cc

URL: http://LosMovies.cc

LosMovies is a full-length entertainment portal that works online where an individual is benefited based on what they are looking for. Whatever that is they are in search of, it is guaranteed that they will find out anything that they are looking for without any redirection in the framework.

This single page browsing attracts many users, where the portal holds all the videos, and you won’t be directed to other sites. All the videos recorded at this site are only dedicated to the sites, and no other external sites have right on it.

11. IceFilms.info

URL: http://IceFilms.info

IceFilms.info is easy to use even if you’re someone who has just started using the websites and who doesn’t know how to use the PC, much. The buttons are very easily noticeable and given that the category of the movie you want to watch, you can always watch it on the 6600 movies.

The database is updated on a daily basis. Without any registration, or provision of the credit details, you can get hold of the videos and the blogs, too. This is one of the most functional online movie streaming portals that you can find on the internet.

12. Movie2k.io

URL: http://Movie2k.io

One of the best websites as it is, I have come across; one can easily watch their favorite movie through this site. You can get all the HD movies here, right from the release of the trailers to every video till the release of the movie in different versions.

You can download these movies in different qualities and then watch them offline. If you love games and are very excited about the PC games, you can even get the trailers of the games here. You have the direct IntelliSense Search feature enabled where everything is only at a simple click without any annoying ads and registration.

13. Tinklepad.at

URL: http://Tinklepad.at

Tinklepad.at is also known as the point for getting HDMovies across the internet. It gives the users, an option to download/stream the HD movies in more than one quality.

All types of movies are available here for you to download. A thing about Tinklepad.at is that it doesn’t allow the users to stream/download the movies without you creating the account by not providing the credentials. Once you have selected a movie as your favorite, you can revert through the list by browsing through the favorites option.

14. Niter.me

URL: http://Niter.me

Another movie website that has come into the picture is Niter.me that allows you stream all the free movies across the world. By using this website, you can watch free movies without touching them or download them.

Niter.me gives you the latest collection of movies where a movie is found as soon as it is released because of the updating which is done very frequently.

15. NewMoviesOnline.ws

URL: http://NewMoviesOnline.ws

NewMoviesOnline.ws is one of the free movie websites, and indeed the top of it. As the name says, you can find all the new movies online soon after they are released. For some reason, the website allows you to stream the movies easily without downloading them.

One can play the movies either through the Android device or the iDevices with ease. The process is so simple, all you have to do is open the website, search for the movie, play the movie and watch it.

16. ZMovies.to

URL: http://ZMovies.to

ZMovies.to has become a trend over the internet in a shorter while. This is because the websites which offer the services like ZMovies.to charge you, but here, you don’t need any payment and subscription fees. ZMovies.to is free with amazing movies and shows to watch. The database is updated carefully, and whenever there is a new video, it will be on the top of the content library.

17. Primewire.ag

URL: http://Primewire.ag

People always want sources that they love watching movies through free online streaming portals that too when they know they can get the movies for free. You will not only love the portal but will enjoy spending time with it.

Another free streaming website as it is, it is based on categories filtered through Genre, Year of release, Countries, etc. It allows the users to stream and downloads the movies, but you have to disable the Ad Blocker to do it.

18. OnlineHDMovies.org

URL: http://OnlineHDMovies.org

OnlineHDMovies.org is one among the free streaming websites and they have a really big collection of movies that contain the latest movies. They stream the movies that are rich in quality as well as those which are normal in quality.

The homepage displays you all the popular trending movies based on the year of release, and I would tell you that you won’t come across any site like this.

19. Movie25.me

URL: http://Movie25.me

It is now absolutely easy to find a movie on Movie25.me given that the website is exuberant and firm. You can just type the movie in the search bar, click the play button and stream the video in whichever quality you want.

The website contains many movies in HD version or normal version. It is accessible from all the devices, PCs, Tablets, Smartphones; both Androids and iDevices.

20. MyWatchSeries.to

URL: http://MyWatchSeries.to

Popular among the users, it is one of the best streaming portals that they add at least 50 or 100 movies to the database, on an everyday basis. You can search the movies with their title, year or release, genre, etc.

If your device supports the flash player, this website is very compatible with it where you don’t get any registrations, and one click is all that is needed to watch your favourite movie.

Final Words

Wrapping up, these are the top 20 Free Sites like 123Movies. to that you can find on the internet and which can be used without any hassles. Using any of the websites mentioned here, you can watch a movie on all devices for free. In case if you know any other sites that provide movie streaming for free, please do comment in the below section so that we can add it to our list. Share this article and let people around you about the sites that can provide the right kind of recreation.


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