Can you Use Skype on PS4?

Have you ever wondered with so many advanced features of PS4 if you could use Skype on it too? PS4 allows you to play online with other PS4 players around the globe. But is it also possible that you can video chat with other players? Skype is the best option when it comes to video chat and people from every part of the world love it for its high quality and seamless experience. Let’s find out if you can use Skype on PS4 console or not!


What is PS4 Camera for?

We all know that PS4 camera is a high-resolution one which helps you see the other part of the gaming world quite clear and with less difficulty. Owing to this quality of the camera, gamers did believe that the camera could be put to use for video chats too.

Is it the real purpose of the camera which sold like hot cakes during the launch? You can use it only to live stream with the commentary in the game while you are connected with other players. For now, Skype on PS4 looks like a long way to go.

OoVoo for PS4

Oovoo is one of the most talked about chat app that is used by people worldwide for video chatting seamlessly. People also heard that Oovoo was about to develop a PS4 compatible version for the ease of the gamers who want video chat on PS4. That hasn’t materialized and it doesn’t look as though it will in the next few years. Oovoo’s statement that they have no plans to collaborate with Sony Play Station is a clear indication of that.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Xbox One is a step ahead in this game. Video chat is possible among the gamers. This is possible with the help of Kinect camera as well as the Skype app. This is also one of the reasons that PS4 gamers want the same feature. As we know Skype is Microsoft owned while Play Stations Sony owned, it is definitely possible that Skype will collaborate with PS4 any day unless a miracle happens.

Skype for PS4

Now, this may be news for some while some already may have known that Skype did support Play Station when it was PlayStation Vita. Even in PSP, Skype was possible. Things took a turn in the year 2016 when the world of gaming heard something unexpected from the giant Sony.

It announced that from the 22nd of Jun’16, Sony will end its merger with Skype for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable. And it is from the 22nd of Mar’16; PlayStation Vita will no more have the Skype application. Sony had also conveyed their apologies for any inconvenience to the users.

Skype’s Vice President, Mark Gillet, conveyed a strong message in the year 2014 that Skype which was already a part of PlayStation Vita and PSP would also be brought to the future PS4. He also stated that they would never want to part ways with Sony as they had always been a part and would like to continue the same relationship for a long run. That looks like impossible at the moment after the press release by Sony.

People have gotten used to the video chat option that was available on PS3. Although it wasn’t Skype but an inbuilt application in Friend Menu, gamers loved the ease of communication and contact.

Chatting on PS3 was quite easy and the same feature is looked forward to by the PS4 lovers. Their imagination got hype when they witnessed one of the most satisfying video qualities that one can have.


What added more to their excitement was a show by PlayStation that was aired by the name “Powers”. In this show, the gamers were seen chatting online. On the contrary, Sony’s Press Release had something else to say. There is no hint that Sony and Skype are coming together and until then, gamers have to manage their ways of communicating with their virtual gaming friends online.

Let us keep fingers crossed that the venture happens someday and the PlayStation gaming world is taken by a storm which will let us use Skype on PS4. As Skype already had been a part in the past, expecting the same collaboration is no fantasy. Gamers will be waiting for this for sure!

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