The 10 benefits of riding an electric bike

Don’t let the cyclists who call riding an electric bike “cheating” fool you. There are actually numerous advantages of riding a motor-assisted bicycle which will debunk this theory and will make you want to hop on one of these e-bikes immediately!
Here are 10 of the greatest benefits of riding an electric bike:


1. You can ride an e-bike even if you are elderly, not well or not fit

Electric bikes are the perfect vehicles and means for exercise and transport for people who are old, who are not fit enough or have health problems preventing them to get on a traditional bicycle. With the motor assistance of the e-bike, everybody can get from one point to another or can enjoy a ride to see a friend or run an errand.

The fact is, these motorized bikes are the best way to get a person out of the house and lead a more active life, no matter their age, fitness level, and health. Plus, these bikes are very useful for carrying groceries and heavy loads, so people who are otherwise immobilized can gain back their independence when riding one.

2. Riding an electric bike is pure joy

Riding an electric bike requires that you do some pedaling, but you can always switch on to the motor assistance when you feel that the ride is becoming too strenuous or the road is too hilly for you to go on by yourself. This is when you will feel the pure joy of riding a bike uphill or to distances you haven’t dreamt off without feeling exhausted, sore and sweaty. With an e-bike, you can sit in an upright position and simply enjoy the view instead of stressing over pedaling. It is a fact that studies have shown that people tend to go out riding more often once they move on to electric bikes from regular ones. This is because of the fun factor which no one can deny.

3. Riding regularly can significantly improve your health and wellbeing

This is especially true if you are not a particularly active person, and you prefer to get to just about anywhere by driving or spend most of the time lounging on your couch. Once you start riding an electric bike you will start burning calories, burning fat, shedding those extra pounds and getting into much better shape. Due to the fact that the electric bike is heavier than regular ones, and it offers quite a resistance when pedaling, you will be strengthening and toning your muscles, bones, and joints as well.

As you lose weight and exercise regularly your heart health and fitness level will improve, your cholesterol and blood pressure levels will go down and you will reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes type II, metabolic syndrome, depression and even some types of cancer.

4. You will save money

If you decide to start commuting and running errands with your e-bike instead of driving your car or using public transportation, you will find that you are saving a ton of money. You won’t have to pay for fuel, car repair and maintenance, insurance, parking, and you can save the money for bus or train tickets to buy something nice or go on a trip instead.

An electric bike is not a small investment to make but in the long run, it will save you a lot of money and will pay itself back if you ride it regularly.

5. You will decrease your carbon footprint

An electric bike does not emit harmful fumes, it doesn’t make a noise and if you decide to switch to riding it instead of your car you will help resolve the traffic jams and problems in your city or area. E-bikes are one of the most sustainable ways to get from point A to point B, so you will feel much better about yourself if you decide to ditch the car and hop on the electric bike instead.

6. You can get to school, work or anywhere faster

The fact is, that with a motor assisted bike you are more likely to reach to work or to your destination faster than if you drive or take the bus. This is especially true if you live in an area with heavy traffic. With an e-bike, you can ride off the roads, or if you need to stay on the road you can easily ride along and through the stopped vehicles.

So, the fact is that you will be saving time for commuting or traveling if you decide to ride an electric bike.

7. You won’t reach work or your destination flustered and covered with sweat

You can avoid the embarrassment of reaching to your office or to any other destination you are heading all red, covered with sweat and with a dire need of a shower like you would if you ride a regular bicycle. With an electric powered bike, you can always use the motor assistance to help you reach the destination without feeling exhausted and looking like a mess.

8. You can travel longer distances

As compared to traditional bicycles, electric bikes are much easier to ride thanks to the motor assistance you can use when riding against the wind, uphill or covering large distances. You can also reach and maintain a higher speed than when pedaling on a non-motorized bicycle.

This means that with your e-bike you can plan longer tours, go visit further destinations, keep up with the regular cyclists and also make sure that you get to your destination faster than you ordinarily would.

9. Your mental wellbeing will improve

Any exercise, including riding an e-bike has been found to improve the health of the brain and boost the cognitive function. This will help you keep your brain working at full steam and will decrease the damage which is caused by aging and can often lead to dementia.

Also, if you ride your electric bike regularly you will be getting out more and meeting more people, as well as enjoying a ride, which is the perfect therapy for people who have problems with anxiety and depression. Exercise causes the release of endorphins and adrenaline which will immediately improve your mood and energize you.

Last but not least, once you start riding on a regular basis you will find that you will be getting physically fitter and stronger, and your progress will make you feel much more confident and help boost your self-esteem too!

10. You can increase your social circle and improve your social life

Once you start riding your electric bike more, it is more likely that you will be meeting and riding along fellow cyclists. You can also join a local cycling club or group so that you can meet new friends, and enjoy group rides with them. If you prefer, you can get your family engaged in the riding, and enjoy spending more quality time outdoors with your loved ones!

As you can see, there are multiple benefits of riding an electric bicycle for your health, finances, your wellbeing, your mood and confidence, and for the environment. Overall, an electric bike is a very convenient and fun to ride vehicle. And once you start riding one you will find it very hard to give it up because of it!

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