The Pros and Cons of Starting a Private Tutoring Business

Are you a retired teacher who is thinking of starting a tutoring business? Or maybe you are a college student who is looking for work. In any case, tutoring is a rewarding business. All you require is extensive knowledge in the areas where people are looking for help, materials, and equipment that are necessary for teaching and an ability to teach others.


Should you become a tutor?

If you are thinking of starting your tutoring business, you should think about whether you will tutor yourself or you will manage the business only. You need to be confident that you can communicate and connect with prospective students. Patience along with a natural desire to help people acquire knowledge, is a must, and if you don’t have them, then you shouldn’t consider starting a tutoring business. But if you have these attributes, you should look at the pros and cons of tutoring itself before you jump head-on.

The standard teaching system doesn’t cater to the special needs of the system. Thus, private tutoring is a business that is growing rapidly. It takes a lot of effort on your part to start a tutoring business, but when you get there, it is rewarding.

Pros of starting a tutoring business

While you may be thinking of starting tutoring as a part-time business, private tutoring is a great small business as well.


You can build your relationships with the people along the way. You not only help the students in acquiring knowledge and providing them the guidance they need, but you also become a source of income for the teachers who are a part of your tutoring setups.


Start-up costs

The start-up cost of a tutoring business is low. All you need is a place where you can provide tutoring along with a few other necessary types of equipment. You can then go further from there as your income becomes steady and increases.

Unlike other startups like restaurants etc. you don’t need a lot of budgets to start your tutoring business. All you require is some basic stationery, a phone, and a marketing strategy.

Personal satisfaction

Many students struggle in school because the teachers don’t have time to give complete attention to them. When they take up private tutoring, they get more attention from you and your staff and thus are able to learn in a great and focused environment. Seeing the students progress under your wing will bring a sense of personal satisfaction for you.

Huge Potential

There are various types of courses in which students need help. Whether it is math, chemistry, English, SATs, or any other course and subject, you will have a multitude of customers as there will always be students who are looking to learn and acquire knowledge. Your client database will constantly increase if you put in enough time and effort. One of the best ways to gain the trust of your client database is to ensure you are appropriately qualified to teach the subject you are tutoring. Don’t worry you don’t always need a degree-level qualification, there are some excellent short courses out there that will give you an advantage over your competition. Take for example a TEFL certification, this can be completed within 4 to 6 months and once completed you can travel around the world with it or simply work from home. Doing your research and choosing the right course will go a long way to enhancing your career opportunities.

Cons of a Private Tutoring Business

As with everything else in the world, there are disadvantages to starting a private tutoring business. Let’s take a brief look at what they might be.

Different Locations

Finding the right location for your business is not always easy. If your home is not an ideal location, you may have to buy someplace or rent a building where you can start your classes. Moreover, you may have to travel to the homes of your students that are not always feasible for many people.

Behavioral Issues

You need a lot of patience when you have to work with children of all ages. You need to be ready for disputes and difficulties that may arise due to rude behavior on the part of both students and teachers.


There is a lot of competition when it comes to a private tutoring business. As a start-up, you may have difficulty in gaining the attention of students. You may have to work on losing the first few months, and that is something not all of us can afford.

Moreover, look at the reviews of other tutoring services like Chegg online tutoring reviews so that you would know more about your competitors.


The hours that you will have to keep will depend on the schedule of your clients. Thus, you may have to stay away from your family in the evenings and on weekends because that’s the time most students take private tutoring classes.


It’s not all about tutoring. You will have to market yourself and promote yourself to garner the attention of people around you. Therefore, you will have to put in double the effort if you were just working as a tutor someplace else.

You can create your website using WordPress as well so that you will be able to reach a greater audience in a better way.

Cyclical Income

Since most of the students have their summers off, your business is likely to become slow in the summer. However, some students go to summer school as well so if you know which courses to offer and the right time to offer them, you will be set to go.



Owning your own business is very rewarding in the long run. You get to maintain your own hours while keeping a steady flow of income. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about losing your job and ending up penniless.

Starting a private tutoring business is a great idea that requires low start-up costs and has the potential to grow exponentially. We have briefly listed the pros and cons of starting a tutoring business so that you would know what to expect.

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