Tips for Monitoring Calls for Quality Assurance

If you have ever been at the end of the line when you get in touch with the customer service center of a company or online store, you probably would have the phrase “we will be monitoring this call for quality assurance purposes.” Or something of the sort. What this means is that the AI response is in-built to check through the conversations to look into ways to improve the customer support process which is the goal of every call center.

For businesses that operate a contact center service to attend to customer complaints and needs of many companies and online stores surely know the importance of call center quality monitoring and why it is necessary. When it comes to the business environment, the paying customer is king, and you want to make sure that they are treated like royalty.

While it is your responsibility as a business owner to do your due diligence when looking to partner with a reputable call center, it is the duty of the head of operations at the call center to ensure that all aspect of quality assurance is monitored.


Understanding Quality Assurance as it Relates to Call centers

The term quality assurance when used with call or contact centers refers to a method used to ensure that the services or products of an organization are of the best possible quality. And when it comes to one that has to do with customer satisfaction, you can bet that it is of utmost importance. QA has many ways it could help improve the customer engagement process and also reduce expenses on the side of the company.

There is no doubt that many people often call the customer care lines to complain or find information regarding the nature of services rendered by an organization. And it would be highly beneficial if the people at the receiving end of the line are well-trained to know how to communicate properly and handle challenges on the spot.

It is common to find angry clients who are unsatisfied with the services rendered and who could get abusive when they call in. It could be detrimental to the organization how that specific incident is handled. And if the call center representative makes the mistake of being abusive as well, you can be sure that that person won’t be using the service or product of the company they represent again.

Benefits of Monitoring Quality Assurance for Call Centers

Why do you want to monitor QA if you operate a contact center outfit? Below are some of the ways it could benefit your business.

Data Collection and Analysis

This is one of the first things that will be taking place when you do well to monitor your QA in your outfit. Taking inventory of data as they emerge and the ability to monitor them will surely lead to improvements that will certainly lead to happier customers and improve work for your agents. You don’t need to have the technical prowess to be able to collect data and analyze them.

You only need to use platforms that automate the data collection and analysis process. The right one should provide actionable insight into customer interactions so you can analyze important information such as rating calls into negative and positive feedback and generate important details that can tell you if you are under or over staffed.

Improve Productivity and Development

QA programs make it possible to streamline the workflow which will surely ensure that agents are more productive. This is because it utilizes metrics for performance development which will make it easy to identify areas that need improvement. Providing s script will surely enable agents to better communicate when they get connected to clients and you can develop the scripts further using insights generated from monitoring the quality assurance in your call centers. You can find more here on ways to increase the productivity of your team.

Leads to Experienced Employees

You will be helping your employees get more experience on how to better receive and attend to client needs. And this will surely improve your business leading to more growth as you look to expand the outfit. You will need to provide the right tools that will empower team members to grow. Providing coaching sessions and training programs will also improve efficiency in the entire process.

How to Improve Call Center Quality Assurance?

If you are looking to improve the quality assurance of your outfit, there are ways to make this happen and below are some tips to help you get it right.

Have a Dedicated Manager for the Quality Assurance Process

Having a specific individual who is responsible for managing the process of QA will surely mean that you get to stay on top of it always. They should provide feedback weekly so you can know how to make the right changes that will help improve efficiency.

Encourage Knowledge Sharing

When done properly QA will lead to better service delivery and as you imagined, this will only be possible when everyone is actively involved in the process. So you want to make it possible for people to share ideas that can lead to improvement of the current method of operations.

Regularly Evaluate the Operations Process

You want to make it a habit of looking into your current operation and using the data gathered to look into areas that you can improve on. Look at the team and analyze their performance level and give feedback on areas that need strengthening.

Schedule Times for Evaluation and Calibration

It will also be in the best interest of the outfit if you set aside regular intervals for carrying out evaluations and calibrations of the entire process. This is more like fine-tuning your process to discover better channels that will enable effective service delivery. You want to do this regularly to ensure that you meet a standard that will be beneficial to customers and also your call center as a business. This link talks more about why you need to consider routine performance assessment in your organization.

Final Note

Having to operate a call center business may not be an easy task especially as you will be handling issues that relate to customer satisfaction. But when you make it a habit to keep a handle on quality assurance to make sure that you deliver the best service possible, you stand a good chance of making it in the business.

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