Tips On Obtaining The Best Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks have been used for decades to move very heavy pallets of material. They can be manual, or they can be automatic, driven by some type of motor and hydraulic system. They will need some form of electricity. In fact, most of pallet jacks are designed to be charged and will hold that charge for a couple of hours. They range in size from those that are very small for stores to enormous ones that can rival what a forklift can do. If you are interested in obtaining either a manual or automated pallet jack, let’s look at how you can obtain one that will be perfect for your company.


What Are These Primarily Used For?

These are used for a variety of reasons. The most common usage is for moving materials that are stored on pallets. These are wooden structures, roughly 6 inches in height, and are typically square by design. They are made to hold a specific amount of weight. You can stack groceries, boxes, and even barrels on top of them. Everything will be held secure, allowing the pallet jack to be used to move that material from one location to another.

Which Type Should You Get?

The type that you get should be one that will improve productivity at your place of business. You should also consider how large it is against how much room you have to manoeuvre one of these units in. There are times when a manual pallet jack will be the only one that can be used because of the small or narrow space where it must be utilized. On the other hand, if you are trying to increase productivity levels, the automated fully powered stackers are the best ones to own. To find either of these for a good price, it is going to take a little bit of research in time.

How To Find And Evaluate Pallet Jacks

Locating these is a simple process. There are industrial websites that you can locate within a few minutes. Each company will likely have a wide variety to choose from. You will want to search for the specific one that you need and compare the prices for that one against all of the others. Once you have found three or four companies that have good pricing, consider the quality of their merchandise before making your final choice.

The invention of the pallet jack has really revolutionized how quickly and easily large amounts of heavy material can be moved. If you are working in a factory or warehouse that does not have gantry cranes or fully functional forklifts, this would be the next best choice. It is recommended that you use one that is fully powered so that manual labour can be avoided if necessary. However, in very small areas, you may want to consider having a pallet jack that can be manually operated, most of which are very reasonably priced. Use these simple tips for obtaining a pallet jack that will be appropriate for your business.

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