Tips To Find Genuine VW Parts Supplier

A car is described by the company to which it belongs. For example, you can tell the specifications and your expectations from a German machine like Volkswagen. That it is for a new car and you need not worry about what kind of parts it has because the company has already covered you. But when we think of spare parts things are a bit different. There are a number of spare parts suppliers in the market, it is necessary that you identify the genuine parts from a genuine dealer like Tooley imports. The last thing you would like is to have a breakdown and do more damage to your car because of a wrong part. 

Car parts like engine parts, rims, suspensions are very important. They have to be specific to the type of car you are driving. You won’t get this from any dealer but a genuine supplier is defined by the kind of aftermarket parts they have.  Seriously consider who is selling the part to you. Below are some tips to know how to find genuine VW parts supplier. 

Understand Spare Parts 

Even if you have never had a car before, it is important to make yourself familiar with common car parts. That is the best way you can tell a fake from a real one. Genuine parts are described as those that were original in your car at the time of the purchase. They are the parts that came with your car. In other words, you have to understand your car to have a clue about what spare parts it requires. As told above, a car belongs to the company that manufactured it. In the same way, genuine spare parts also have an affiliation with the manufacturer.  The automaker may not always be the maker of the parts. Different companies may manufacture them. The only thing that makes the parts different from others is that they will have the company logo on them. It means the dealers are authorized to handle spare parts for the company.

Check The Websites

The site is the first place you will come in contact with the dealer. It will give you all the information you want about the company. There is everything about the company on the website, from the contact information to the services they provide, to their location. From here you can make out easily whether you are going for the right company or not.


How long is the company been in the market? From the website and the number of customers, they are serving you can easily tell this. Experience means they have everything to offer and you will not be one more test subject for them.

Reviews From Other Users

Reviews are the best to know if a company is trustworthy. On the website or social media platform, find out what other customers say about the company. This is just like getting a recommendation from someone who has previously used the services in part.


A genuine supplier is defined by the kind of aftermarket parts they have. It is only if the parts are genuine that the supplier or dealer becomes genuine also. Since it has already been described what genuine parts are like, it becomes much simpler for you to select.

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