Top 5 Gadgets to Give Your Boyfriend for His Birthday

It is no secret, and there is no reason to repeat the shocking thought that once popped into our heads, “wow, we are truly living in the future.” It’s been weird; it’s been hard to get used to all the new technology around you, but now it is common, it is all around us, and we cannot, should not, and would not avoid it. We love technology, and we constantly seek it in order to make our lives just a bit easier, which is important; as we know, stress really is the worst offender of your health. So, today we have compiled a list of the best new gadgets that you may want to give a look at and maybe give your boyfriend as a gift.


Culinary Gadget for Bachelors

Scott Heimendinger’s Sansaire Sous Vide Circulator is a device that allows you to reach a new culinary level without much effort. The process of preparation is reduced by the developers to a simple algorithm: 1) put the Sansaire Sous Vide Circulator in a saucepan with water; 2) pack meat/fish/vegetables into a sealed bag and dip next to the gadget; 3) adjust the temperature and wait 40-45 minutes. The price of a Sansaire Sous Vide Circulator on the official website of the manufacturer is $199.

The result should be appetizing and healthy food – juicy, evenly cooked (without half-baked and overcooked pieces), and as light as possible.

Smart camera for those who live online

Canon PowerShot N is a compact (78.6×60.2 mm) camera with a wi-fi-function that allows you to upload photos to the network immediately after taking a snap. Another feature of the device is the unique modes of Hybrid Auto and Creative Shot. First, before each frame creates 4-second videos, which at the end of the day are automatically mounted into one – it becomes a kind of chronicle of the creative process. Second, Canon PowerShot N analyzes the “scene” and independently adjusts the parameters (contrast, focus, black and white balance, etc.) to get a creative photo. The price of this particular smart gadget is about $300. Photos are always better with a loved one.

Divide and type

Kinesis split keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard for active PC users. The special design of the gadget allows you to keep the keys within reach and change the location of the blocks, reducing the load on your fingers, hands, and shoulders when performing repetitive tasks. And between the halves, it is convenient to put a coffee cup or documents. It can be used both with USB and wirelessly. The average price of Kinesis split keyboard is $95.

An emergency flashlight for any situation

LightMate Emergency LED Flash Light. Behind the long, beautiful, and incomprehensible name hides a flashlight which work is based on LED technology. It is really important that this device is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. First, the flashlight has several modes of operation. Secondly, the flashlight is incredibly durable and reliable; it is protected from any damage, cold, water, and much more. Finally, it has an incredibly capacious battery that allows you to charge other mobile devices

An air-born companion

It is good to have a faithful dog who’s always with you! Having a “loyal” and reliable multicopter that will follow you everywhere is not bad either. So AirDog Auto Follow Drone is exactly what we just described. The device is primarily suitable for all those who like to shoot. The main feature of the gadget is that it can follow the user on its own and circle around.
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