Top 5 Luxurious Bathrooms Accessories By My Homeware


We are here again with some new content from My homeware. Today we brought you some new articles on bathroom supplies. A luxury bathroom includes a basin, 1500 mirror cabinet mm size, taps, a bathtub, a shower, sliding panels, etc. Returning with new bathroom supplies!

Life throws lemons at all of us, and we all have to be calm in order to deal with the anxiety that comes with daily living. Bathrooms are unavoidable necessities that we all require to relax and rejuvenate ourselves, and bath supplies can provide us with some relief.


Bathroom supplies checklist:

You must see this checklist if you want your bathroom to be luxurious. Everyone wishes for his bathroom to resemble a spa. Besides enough ventilation and space, correct plumbing, bathroom supplies, and bathroom aesthetics are essential. The following are the highlight bathroom equipment that should be incorporated into any bathroom decor.

Towel Rings:

No one wants to use a stinky bathroom; a damp towel generates stench and odor. A damp towel allows numerous hazardous bacteria to develop. Thus it needs appropriate ventilation and a drying area to stay dry. It must be put near the basin so whoever washes their hands can easily clean and dry them. Towel bars/ rings come in different shapes, such as round and square, and various configurations are available at My homeware store.

Mirrors and Cabinet:

Cabinets must be available to put your articles in them. They are also available with a vanity. A clean mirror is an important accessory in the bathroom. The most significant considerations for mirror installation are dimension, weight, and intended use. The mirror should really be positioned over the basin and at eye level. Every bathroom supply store carries round, square, frame, and other styles of mirrors. The mirror should always be able to gather enough light to provide a clean image.

Open Shelves and Cabinets:

Pads, hair removal products, depilatory creams, undergarments, and other items should be kept in the cabinets. Wall cabinets are one of the most crucial bathroom items. Additional items, such as brushes, moisturizers, oils, and other skincare goods, should be put on open shelves to be accessible to everyone.

Soap Dispensers:

A wet soap makes a washroom look ugly because soap dissolves with water and should not be kept wet. Soap dispensers, another essential bathroom supply, should be used to keep it dry. It needs to be at a suitable height, so that shower droplets do not wet and melt the soap.


A nice shower should be included in the bathroom supplies. To make shower layouts more enticing and unique, brands engage with experienced certified plumbers. The showers are of many types, such as:

  • Twin rail shower
  • Smart showers
  • Magnetic shower
  • Handheld showers

Many other showers are available to make your bathroom appear like a spa. A decent shower with a strong power supply provides clinical advantages such as stress and muscular tension alleviation. The showerhead should be at a suitable height to accommodate everyone’s height and provide effective pressure spray.


My homeware provides every kind of bathroom supply. You can select whatever of them according to your needs and taste.

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