Top 5 Social Media Sites in 2020

Social media sites have increased in number and popularity in a few years. The reason behind this is their ease of use and a plethora of useful features.

These social media platforms have helped a lot to budding businesses in growing their customer base. This is true only if you have chosen the right social media platform for your business.

Here in this post let’s learn about the top social media sites of the year 2020.

Knowing about this will help you grab the recent opportunities in the trending social media sites. Also, for the top SMM Panel in India, you can find social signals at a cheaper cost.


The first popular social media site in 2020 is Instagram. The majority of bloggers, professionals, social media influencers, friends, family, etc are on Instagram. The number of users has drastically changed over time and has reached near 1 billion.

It has become a popular platform where businesses and your audience have started spending huge time over Instagram. It has helped a lot many people to reach their targeted audience and grow their business.

With unique and creative photographs, videos, and interactive sessions you can easily promote your content. Some of the key features of Instagram which can be helpful for you are mentioned here:

  1. You can easily edit images and make them beautiful
  2. You can tag people based on location and promote your content
  3. You can easily communicate people with direct messaging feature
  4. You can easily reach a large audience with the use of the trendy hashtag.
  5. Live video streaming features can help you personally interact with your audience.


It has become the second-largest search engine in the world. You can easily promote your video content and tutorials with YouTube.

The majority of influencers, teachers, instructors, products, and service providers have used YouTube for promoting their content. Because of this YouTube has become a great platform for education, entertainment, product promotion, and many more.

Both men and women use YouTube for their purposes. Also, kids and students have started using it for educational purposes. Thus, it can prove to be a great platform for promoting your content and for reaching the target audience.

Some of the key features of YouTube which can be helpful for you are mentioned here:

  1. YouTube has improved the user experience a lot. This has made interaction with customers very easy.
  2. The commenting feature has allowed users, viewers to provide their feedback about the content. Positive comments and several comments also prove helpful in the ranking of your channel.
  3. The subscriber notification feature can help the audience to stay updated with your content. With subscription notification, they will know whenever you post a video.
  4. With the card feature of YouTube, you can easily promote your content while your audience is watching another video posted by you.
  5. The video management feature of YouTube can easily help you organize the uploaded videos and check their likes and reach.


The name of this social media says it all. It has connected a lot many people with each other. With its business pages, different ads you can easily promote your business.

You can make use of visually appealing and valuable information with your audience with Facebook. The Facebook group feature can help you connect with your community easily.

You check out what your competitors are doing and inspire from your role models. Also, it helps in staying updated with the recent trends in the industry.

Some of the key features of Facebook which can be helpful for you are mentioned here:

  1. The Events feature of Facebook can help you stay updated about the events being held in your neighborhood.
  2. The timeline feature provides you all the information related to your account in one place. You can easily share your views, products, reviews in your timeline.
  3. The social plugin enables audiences from different sites to comment on your Facebook posts.
  4. With the messenger feature, you can easily start a conversation with your audience and influencers.
  5. The like button allows your audience to state whether they like your post or not. It is a great feature for getting feedback from your audience.


Twitter has become a great platform for discussing your views, thoughts, etc. The majority of tech-savvies have adopted this social media platform.

It has played a major role in business, politics, and marketing. People of all ages have adopted Twitter for their purposes.

With tweets, you can easily share your content and make it viral among your target audience. Some of the key features of Twitter that can be useful for you are as follows:

  1. You can easily make a tweet permanently
  2. You can share up to 4 pages in a single tweet.
  3. You can customize the tweet alerts according to your preferences.
  4. You can download the tweets you like
  5. The advanced feature can help you stay ahead of your competitors in the market


It is a great bookmarking tool available over the internet. You can easily take inspiration from the unique and creative content created by others.

You can also easily share your creative DIY projects, interior design ideas, vacation memories, etc. with all other people. It can play an important role in the product discovery journey.

Some of the key features of Pinterest that can be useful for you are as follows:

  1. With its visual feature, you can find the related content
  2. You can use the Pinterest extension for saving the content
  3. The Pinterest lens feature can help you find related images easily
  4. The promoted video feature can help you promote the brand’s personality
  5. The collection feature can help you organize your favorite images meaningfully

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