Top Men’s Health Apps

A hectic schedule may make it difficult to track your health. Focusing on your workout routines, healthy eating habits and getting adequate sleep may consume a lot of time.

Health and fitness apps are available for Android and iPhone gadgets. They are designed to keep you motivated in doing regular exercises and following your diet program. These apps are also helpful in reminding you of your schedule when you need to hydrate or take your medicine.



1. Health Mate

Labeled as The Complete Health Companion, Health Mate by Withings tracks weight, sleep, blood pressure and activities.

This app can be used with smart scales and blood pressure cuffs so you can track your heart rate and weight loss progress in one device.

Health Mate can be beneficial for monitoring your progress and trends of activities. The app will also train you to improve your daily routines and reach your health goals.

Available on Google Play and App Store

2. Round

This is an app that will remind you to take your medicines and vitamins by sending you notifications when it’s time to take one. For optimal health, we recommend that you look at this list of pills.

Round organizes all your different pills and records all your intake so you can see which pills you took as well as the ones you missed.

Available on App Store

3. WaterMinder

A popular hydration app that has been featured in a lot of publications and websites that will help you keep hydrated every day.

This app keeps track of your water intake, lets you set your water intake goals, and keeps you motivated by using reminders.

For Apple users, this app can be partnered with Apple Watch so you can log your water intake conveniently.

Available on Google Play and App Store

An alternative to WaterMinder is a smart water bottle called Hidrate Spark. This water bottle tracks water intake and glows to remind you when it’s time to drink water again.

Hidrate Spark can be synced with FitBit and its own hydration phone app so you can monitor how much water you are drinking. This is a fun way to remember to drink water instead of soda and other sweetened drinks.

4. AutoSleep


AutoSleep allows you to track your sleeping patterns using your Apple Watch. The watch app doesn’t need to be installed. The iPhone app automatically connects to your watch as long as you wear it to bed.

The app provides sleep analysis and records all your sleeping history.

If you are someone who doesn’t have a fixed bedtime schedule, AutoSleep can encourage you to establish a healthy sleeping routine.

Available on App Store


There are a wide variety of apps for men’s health. Some other apps you might check out include weight loss apps, workout programs app to help you do basic workouts at home, as well as apps for monitoring your calorie intake.

Although watching your activities and eating habits may seem manageable without your phone, it was actually confirmed that individuals who use these phone apps are more active and have a lower body mass index.

The author of a study on fitness apps believes that maximizing this technology helps users stay organized and keep a regular routine.

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