Top Online File Converters

Everybody needs to convert a file video into some other format, once in a while. You like a new song, and its MP3 version is still not released; the easiest way out is to convert the video file into the required format. A free online converter can help you in doing so, without any added charges. With a good file converter, you can easily change the format of any file, into the one that you demand. Majority of people do not like to download specific software for this purpose, and this is where an online converter seems like the best and quickest option to rely on.

However, there are a lot of online file converter these days in the world of internet. Picking one is a little difficult, and some of them are so annoying that you decide to quit looking for an online converter. Therefore, we have summed up some of the best free online converters that you can rely upon blindly. They are quick and easy to use and don’t annoy you either.


Online Convert Free: is the best online file converter! It has a large variety of types of files that can be converted into any format that you would want. From converting your documents, images, books and videos and archives to offering a large variety of formats that they can be converted into; you can rely on Online Convert Free at all times. Within a matter of seconds, your file is changed into your desired format! Also, you can convert files from simply anywhere; it can be Google Docs or directly from your computer or from a URL too.


The best thing about Convertio is that you can convert multiple files at one time. Thus, if you are a multitasker and you want to convert a bundle of files at once; then this is a great pick for you to make. Furthermore, it offers you to convert images, documents, videos, audios and books in any format that you wish to. Just drag the desired file to the dropbox, and Convertio handles the rest on its own! Simple and quick to use, this is our 2nd best choice to make for the best online converter.

File Zig Zag:

Our third best online file converter is File Zig Zag. It is an email-based online converter. It supports images, videos, documents and archive file formats. You need to upload the file that you want to convert and select the format that you want the file to be converted to, and you are good to go! Within seconds, the document is changed into your desired format, and you will receive an email with the link of the converted file. Click on it and download the converted file to your PC or laptop.

Final Verdict:

Well, these are 3 best online file converters that we adore. They are easy and quick to use and won’t disappoint you at all. We prefer Online Convert Free at all times because it is very fast and is extremely user-friendly too. Also, it offers a large range of various formats, which makes it our best pick overall! Try it out to find on your own, and you are going to adore it.

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