Top Shopify Website Design and Development Trends

Shopify is known for eCommerce website development and is currently in trend due to its varied features and regular updates. The user preferences and behavior are changing with evolving technology, and keeping track of the user’s newer demands becomes a challenging task. Shopify is moving with the flow and change with the ever-changing trends and technology.

Shopify designs blend in with your brand seamlessly and are delightful to the visitors’ eye. That is why it has become the first choice of users looking for eCommerce website development.

Here we have gathered the list of Shopify website design and development trends that will keep your website on top of its game in 2021:


Overlapping Photography with Graphics

Most of the websites these days look the same. Although there is an ease in understanding the site’s usage, it becomes tedious in the first look itself. A dull and boring appearance doesn’t attract users, and thus Shopify is following the trend of using overlapping images with other blocks and floating texts to create something like a breath of fresh air. Designers from Shopify entrepreneurs are working on overlapping graphics to add a touch of creativity and personality to your website.

Instead of creating a layout that looks boxy and card-based, they are placing blocks of layers of text and hero images on top of each other to develop unique designs by overlapping elements. This approach to producing a system where content is pushed over the overlapping graphics has emerged as the latest website design trend and will be there for 2021.

Captivating Product Photos

Product photos play an important role in conversion and generating sales. These photos are generally clicked on a white background. User preference has changed, so their desire to see new every day has forced Shopify entrepreneurs to produce pictures that look creative and unconventional. Photographers try new backgrounds, colors, and positions to create captivating photographs embracing nature’s natural surrealism. For example, Photographers are using monotone props and unconventional color backgrounds to make the product stand out.

3D Imaging with AR and VR

Whether it is a clothing product or an electronic one, a customer wants to check it from all sides. 3D imaging gives you the freedom to have a better perception, and AR/VR gives your customer an interactive experience of the product. Shopify has come with the AR/VR with 3D imaging solution to give their users a chance to look at every detail of the work and a better shopping experience. We have seen a rise in similar solutions by many brands promoting excellent user experience, making it one of the trends that will stay in 2021 in the eCommerce industry.

Micro Animations

Another way to improve the user experience in an eCommerce website is to add animations and effects. Micro animations are short animations of a few seconds added to draw attention to specific website areas of the website or the product. It can also assist users in navigating to navigate through the website to the desired location or provide enhanced visual feedback. Micro animations can be integrated into the website in a fun and playful manner to make it funny and interactive. The magnifying glass effect magnifies the whole user experience by displaying the details on a split-screen.

Bold and Contrast colors

Website and graphic designers use bold and contrast colors for website layout and product backgrounds instead of minimalistic and monotone colors. Bold colors enhance the overall appearance of the product making it more enticing for a customer to buy. The look of everyday items like a watch, shoes, and eyewear becomes extraordinary when clicked with bold and bright colors. You can try yellow, purple, and green monochrome colors in contrast with the product image having a similar tone of color.



Website theme is critical to any business for both online and offline sales. It can upscale the business or flatten the graph of conversions. Applying any one of the above tips and trends to make your website more engaging and attractive can upsurge the number of visitors and can impact the users. Do not make a haste decision in choosing a theme. You can contact an experienced Shopify web Agency in your locality for a thoughtful discussion on theme selection.



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