How to Turn ON/OFF Hulu Subtitles [2017 Guide]

Using subtitles is a great way to understand what’s being spoken on the big screens. Whether you are watching a TV show, a movie or even a game of soccer, it is imperative that you understand what the person is speaking to actually feel it. Online movie streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hulu, also have an option of turning subtitles ON/OFF. Some problems with subtitles maybe their color, distractions with the video or maybe the synchronisation.

Today, I will be sharing a step by step tutorial on how to turn on Hulu subtitles and how to turn them off on Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Android & iOS as well. Whatever you are streaming, you can control the captions or subtitles in the way you want to by follow this simple guide we have put together.

Now the most important thing to keep in mind is that, the subtitles will be shown only if they are included in that particular video by Hulu.


For iPhone & Android devices

  • While the video is playing, tap the screen once to display playback icons in the Hulu app
  • Tap on the 3 dots or gear option to open the settings
  • Tap on CC or Closed Captions and click on the language available to turn on subtitles

If you want to go deeper and learn how to customise the captions or subtitles on Android & iOS devices, you can read this article on GadgetHacks for clear directions.

To enable or disable closed captioning or subtitles on different devices, you need to alter the settings of that particular device. Below is the step by step procedure of how to use Hulu subtitles on each device.

Turn ON/OFF Hulu Subtitles on Apple TV

If you want videos to use captions or subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing by default on your Apple TV,

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility
  • Select Closed Captions and SDH
  • Turn ON/OFF according to your requirements
  • Once done, press ‘Menu‘ on your remote to save all your settings

You can also select “Style” from the same accessibility menu and edit existing style or create new style by adjusting the font size, colour and opacity of the background as per your requirements.

Hulu Subtitles on Roku TV

If you watch your favorite movies and TV shows by using Hulu on Roku TV, then you would fall in a situation when you need to alter the subtitle settings, and here is the solution:

  • When a movie or episode is playing, hit the DOWN arrow
  • From the sub-menu (Stop / CC is OFF / Autoplay is OFF)
  • Use the RIGHT arrow key to highlight: CC is OFF
  • Hit the OK button. CC is now turned on, and captioning information should display in the next few moments! This toggles off/on closed captioning

You can also read the official Roku support article on how to enable closed captioning on Roku TV.

Hulu Subtitles on Xbox One

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide
  • Select Settings
  • Select All Settings
  • Under Ease of Access, select Closed captions
  • Here you can turn closed captions ON or OFF and even set a custom style (font size, color, background opacity)

With this, we come to an end on our concise guide on how to turn on or off Hulu subtitles on different devices and OS. I also will update this guide with proper steps on how to deal with subtitles on browser and smart TV’s at your home. If you have any kind of questions or facing difficulties regarding subtitles on Hulu service, please feel free to drop them below in the comments section. We will get back to you with straightforward solutions as soon as possible.

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