Ways to Make Money Online Shopping

Happy woman doing online shopping at home

For some, online shopping is a form of entertainment while for others, online shopping is the easiest way to obtain what they need from retailers. No matter the reason for online shopping, you should be aware of several ways to make money from online shopping. You will be able to use your earnings for savings or to purchase more products. Even if it’s only a small percentage of cashback on a purchase, it will add up quickly especially when making multiple purchases with grocery orders or holiday shopping.

1. Use cashback apps.

Using cashback apps are great ways to save money while shopping online, and often, you can use multiple cashback apps on the same purchase. Popular cashback apps include Fetch, Dosh, and Ibotta. Fetch scans your emails for recent purchases while Dosh is linked to your credit card to look for recent purchases on certain stores. Ibotta allows you to upload paper receipts to their app and offers users to shop directly from their app for a cashback percentage from certain stores. Not only do cashback apps work on purchases like clothing or electronics, but you can use them for online grocery orders too. No matter where your online purchases are from, you should upload them to cashback apps so you can make money off of your purchases.

2. Install a browser extension.

Installing a browser extension might seem complicated, but it is actually really easy. When you install a browser extension, the extension will basically do the work for you of finding you the best deal available or offering you cash back options from certain stores. Instead of going directly to the retailer’s website, you make your purchases by clicking on the extension and shopping through it even though your purchases are still made from the retailer. Top browser extensions to make money through online shopping include Honey, Ebates, and Rakuten. Honey will apply coupons to your purchase, alert you if another retailer has a lower price, and offer you cashback. Ebates and Rakuten work similarly by giving you cash back after you make purchases from their site.

3. Search for promo codes.

Before making any purchase, you should search for a promo code to see if you can find a discount code. You can search for promo codes in a search engine and should be able to find options from promo sites like RetailMeNot and Coupon Chief. Simply searching for a promo code can save you money by allowing you to find a code for free shipping or a percentage off your total.

4. Look at competitor pricing.

While shopping in stores or online, you need to look at pricing from several retailers, especially when making larger purchases. If you don’t want to install browser extensions to help, you can easily check the prices yourself by going to retailers’ websites yourself or looking at options in a search engine. Many stores will competitively match other retailers’ prices, and you can even use sites like Paribus to notify you when a recent purchase has a price drop and how to obtain your refund.

5. Sign up for the emails and take surveys.

Most stores will offer you a promo code if you sign up for their emails and continue to send you emails offering discounts and promo codes. If you prefer, you can set up an email account specifically to handle all of your promotional emails so that you still receive the discounts but don’t have your regular email consumed by emails. In addition, some stores will offer you a survey to take after you have made an online purchase, and these surveys typically come with a code for a discount on your next purchase.

If you’re an avid online shopper, you need to consider different ways to make money online shopping. From using cashback apps to installing browser extensions, there are many ways to make money while online shopping, and you can easily find one that works for you.

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