What Are The Benefits Of Back Workouts?

Any fitness instructor will tell you that you cannot afford to ignore any part of your body while working out. This is more important right now as we are also stuck at home, and visiting the gyms is not recommended. The good news is this does not mean an end to our fitness goals. Working out from home can be fun and engaging, maybe even better than using a gym. If you have been focusing a lot on your core, arms, butt, and leg workouts, you need to remember to schedule a few more workout routines to take care of your back. Why do you need to know more about back workouts from home, you ask? Well, in this article, we will touch its importance and fun, but engaging exercises you can perform at home. The benefits include:

  • Getting an enviable V-shaped torso that also trims the waistline.
  • Strengthening the back muscles that help you perform well in activities such as rock climbing, boxing, or swimming.
  • They are great for people who enjoy weight training allowing them to have strong back muscles that can support lower body lifts.
  • These workouts help in straightening and strengthening the muscles supporting your structure.
  • They are beneficial for people who work on their desks for long. They help in preventing stiffness and fatigue that cause pain.
  • You get an increase in strength and lean mass, which improves your mobility as well as balance.
  • Back workouts lead to more lean muscles, which makes it easier for you to lose body fat. This means that you have a healthier body composition as muscles demand more energy from the body to stay maintained.
  • You gain a strong core, as well as an upright frame. This means that you can stand taller and can also last longer while doing other exercises.

Now that you know the benefits, we can now look at the various back workouts from home, and you can incorporate it into your routine. Some of these include

  • Reverse snow Angels: You can do this lying on a mat, and weights are not required. It focuses on strengthening the lower back muscles as well as the ones that connect the neck to the middle of your back.  For this, you need to lay on the ground with arms by your side and palms facing down. Squeeze your scapulae together, engaging your middle upper part of your back and raise your shoulders a few feet above the ground. Then bring your arms slowly to the ears until the thumbs meet above your head and bring them back to the starting point.
  • Superman: This exercise focuses on your back muscles, hamstring, and glutes. With this, you lie on the ground with your ankles touching each other and toes pointed to the ground. Then put your arms above your shoulder with palms touching the ground. You then pull yourself up, keeping your back, glutes and shoulders engaged.

Other exercises that you can perform to strengthen your back include hip hinge, hollow hold, bent-over row, prone cobras, and spine balances. You can mix up these routines for a stronger back.

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