What Is a Mobile Card Reader and How Does It Work?

A mobile card reader is a great solution for businesses that are constantly on the move. It allows them to accept payments anywhere, anytime. Learn about the different types of mobile card readers and how to use them to boost your business’s payment acceptance rate. The evolution of card payments has allowed businesses to accept more transactions globally.

Mobile card readers from companies like Podium are ideal for businesses that take their services on the road. Below is some information and the benefits of using mobile credit card readers to take your business to the next level.


How Do They Work?

Mobile card readers are usually pre-installed with a SIM card. After reading the card data, the device sends and receives the necessary information to process the payment. Once the customer’s payment has been approved, the machine will generate a receipt for them and print it using the built-in printer.

Unlike mobile phones, mobile card readers use 3G technology to gain faster connectivity to the strongest possible signal in their area. Mobile card readers are also designed to last for a long time. They can provide a secure and reliable payment method for customers.

Aside from being a new piece of technology, they pretty much work as the old card readers do. After the customer has already paid, they can either tap their card to pay or input their PIN. The receipt is printed on the machine’s integrated thermal receipt printer.

The mobile card reader comes in two parts: the device and the charging base. The latter serves as the base for recharging the machine, while the other part is used to keep it charged.

What Type of Payments Can They Accept?

Aside from major credit and debit cards, mobile card readers can also accept other types of payment. In addition, mobile card readers can also accept payments made using various mobile platforms such as Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Android Pay is sometimes referred to as Google Pay.

Are Mobile Credit Card Readers Safe to Use?

Mobile card readers rely on chip and pin technology to secure the information they collect during transactions. Mobile card readers are also equipped with built-in security features that protect both the customer and the business.

Benefits and Features of Mobile Card Readers

Having a way to accept payments with a mobile machine can offer benefits for your customers and your business. For businesses that rely on paper invoices, having a mobile payment system can mean the difference between being able to collect payment and not being able to.

The convenience of being able to pay using plastic is very important to many consumers. Having a mobile payment system can help keep your customers happy and satisfied. It can also help boost sales by allowing them to make more transactions.

Mobile card readers are very durable and easy to set up. They’re also very low-cost compared to traditional cash-based systems. If your business processes transactions solely through the customer, then having a mobile card reader could be beneficial to your bottom line.

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