What Is the Magento Website Platform?

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If you are considering opening an online business store, then this article is for. We are discussing what the Magento website platform and why you should highly consider it for your eCommerce business. 

Magento was developed in 2008 as a way for more businesses to be able to go live on the internet. The Magento platform was the second most used platform in 2017. 

Why do you need to have E-commerce?

The best way to build an E-commerce business is to have a third party platform such as a Magento development agency to help you. The reason why you need a platform is that yes you can sell your products independently through a website but in order to reach bigger production and growth you are going to need a development platform to help you with that. 

So what should you be thinking about when planning to use Magento for your E-commerce? Remember this is your business and your money that you are investing so you definitely want to make sure that you are getting the right thing. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you should be taking into consideration when planning your E-commerce business.

  • Internation Expansion- If you are planning on at any point in the future thinking about expanding your online business overseas you definitely want your Magento team to know about it. When meeting with them you should include them on any big changes like that. 
  • Size- Depending on how much revenue you plan on doing as well as the size of your business you are going to want to put that in your business plan. You might want to consider using a bigger Magento platform.
  • Reviews- There are some Magento development agencies that you will promise you certain things and then not deliver. Make sure that you read past client reviews and that you do your research. You are going to want to pick the best agency to represent you. 
  • Usage- You are going to want to make sure that you and your team are fully aware of how to use the platform. Also, make sure that the agency you choose has stellar customer service. As you will most likely need to call them at some point.
  • Communication- Working with an agency that has good communication is essential for a successful business. With so many different communication platforms today its impossible to not be able to speak with your team immediately. Make sure that the agency you choose has several different ways other than email and phone calls to communicate with you. We recommend at least three different ways to communicate.

What are the pros of using a Magento platform?

We have pretty much covered what to look for when you are choosing an agency, but let’s dive into some of the pros of using the Magento platform. 

  • Support- Magento was created to support your business wants and needs. A good Magento agency will have excellent customer service and the ability to communicate with you in multiple ways. If your platform is ever to go down for any reason technical support should be able to assist you in getting your system back up
  • Migration is easy- We know that plans change your business becomes more successful than you thought it would be, and you need an expansion. No worries Magento is built so you can easily add anything you need at any point and is set up to make the migration process to a bigger platform that Magento has to offer. We suggest that when setting up your platform you start out with your essential business needs. No need to be paying more for things that you do not need when you can add them on whenever you need to.
  • Control- Because Magento has an incredible SEO suite you are in control of the links that get passed to google. Allowing you to have more control over your business and you know exactly what kind of content is out there about your business.
  • Easy for your customers to use your site- Because of the pre-integrated modules that Magento has to offer when your customers are using your website it is easier for them to use it also makes things like payments and shipping activate with one simple click.

Remember, when you are selecting your Magento platform be sure that you do your research. After all, you do not want to have to spend more money than you actually need to. Make sure that you also do your research for the agency that you are looking to work with. And do not rush this process. It might take the Magento platform a little bit of time to go live, But that just know that with you using Magento you are going to be saving yourself a lot of time and headaches.


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