What Should You Know About Marijuana Weed Pipes

One aspect of enjoying cannabis as a product is the benefit of collecting unique and varied pipes. Smokers can discover different techniques making each experience new and fun.

Some people are not keen on the traditional paper joints or blunts, and they don’t have to be with the mounds of options available.

The cannabis weed pipe comes in an array of sizes, shapes, costs, and even different colors, but regardless of which you choose, none changes the eventual outcome that the user anticipates, you will get high. Let’s look at the different options; maybe you can add a few to your collection.


What Are Various Types Of Marijuana Weed Pipes

Many cannabis users are as enthusiastic about their weed pipe collection as they are about the weed itself. The traditional paper blunts and joints are not everyone’s preference, but each pipe can bring a different smoking technique making the experience unique and exciting each time.

Pipes can be sophisticated and contemporary, unusual and rare, or they can be simple and inexpensive, pretty much anything you want them to be.

There are an array of materials, sizes, shapes, and colors, plus different price points for varied qualities, tastes, and preferences. Consider the following types to potentially add to your collection.

The hand pipe

The hand pipe is noted as the most common pipe used among cannabis smokers. It’s more compact but comes in different sizes with a variety of shapes and styles meant to be fun and collectible.

You can get virtually any sort of depiction with the pipe, like the shape of an animal, sports ball, flower, or anything you could imagine.

These are items that have existed for hundreds of years and passed down from one generation to the next. Native Americans use ceremonial pipes, a variation of the hand pipe, and you’ll find many other cultures with their own interpretations.

The water pipe

The cannabis water pipe comes in two variations based on the size, with the largest being the most common. It’s referred to as a “bong.” The appearance is relatively the same across the board, but the height and sizes can change, plus there are different add-ons.

The smallest variation is referenced as a “bubbler,” which is almost a hybrid between the bong and the hand pipe. You would have a bubbler if the hand pipe had an additional water chamber. Regardless of the size, water is added in an effort to keep it cool so the smoking experience is smoother.

The chillum

The chillum in the US is another name for what’s referred to as the “one-hitter.” It’s a pipe only large enough to pull once or twice before refilling. People favor these because they offer a level of discretion and convenience, plus they’re portable.

The spoon

Many beginners start with the spoon referenced as such because it resembles a spoon with a slightly oversized mouthpiece and slim chamber, plus the bowl is broad.

The Hammer

The hammer boasts of providing a prolonged smoking experience with a shape that reminds users of an actual hammer. The stem is elongated and slim, ending in a deep bowl. This allows the smoking longevity before it’s necessary to repack.

The steamroller

The steamroller would be considered a classic weed pipe, except the bowl falls in the middle of the pipe with the carb on the end. This configuration allows air to flow through the chamber more readily, but some users believe the more potent experience is somewhat harsher.

These are not likely the ideal first step if you’re new to smoking cannabis or using marijuana pipes.

What Material Makes Up Cannabis Pipes

Primarily marijuana pipes are made of glass. With this material, a pipe can come in varied colors, shapes, styles, and sizes. Many enthusiasts opt for glass because this is a non-porous material meaning the smoke will not be absorbed.

That can mean more clean smoking depending on the care you provide with the tools in between uses. Learn the cleaning process for glass pipes at https://www.insider.com/guides/home/how-to-clean-a-glass-pipe/.

Metal is another option offering durability, albeit with the possibility of changing the flavor, adding metallic undertones that many smokers feel are unpleasant. These are more challenging to clean. If these land in the dishwasher, you could have cannabis with a detergent flavor.

Wood pipes are some connoisseurs’ favorite for weed pipes. Many of these offer unique styles, but the draw is the wood’s natural ability to enhance the natural flavor of the herb.

These have a specific preparation process that needs to be followed precisely before initial use, and users need to disassemble them for cleaning, so they take a little more work than other options.

What’s The Best Way To Select A Pipe

With the many options available to users, weed pipe selection can be daunting, particularly if you’re new to smoking via pipe or perhaps new to cannabis smoking. The recommendation for those new to cannabis is to look for a functional pipe to start.

The market is amassed with stunning, sophisticated “art-quality” pieces. These come with a high price point and can be complex for a beginner. Go here for details on selecting the best kind of pipe for smoking.

When shopping, the considerations for cannabis connoisseurs, in particular with a purchase, include the following:

The material

The materials you can purchase vary from metal, wood, ceramic, and glass, but how do you know which is ideal? Most enthusiasts will eventually follow glass, more specifically, “borosilicate annealed” glass.

The reason for this is the product is exceptionally durable, not to mention thick, and boasts the ability to stand the test of time with adequate care and upkeep.

The price

For those needing budget-friendly options, it’s better to stick with the chillums, hammers, and spoons. The simplicity leans toward the least costly to create, making it more cost-effective for the client.

That doesn’t always mean it will be the same across the board; there are always exceptions. When shopping, tell the budtender you prefer to see budget-friendly pipes.

The size and portability

The priority with the size is considering how you prefer to enjoy your smoke session and then buy the pipe that can satisfy that longevity. In that same vein, portability is often a factor for cannabis users.

For those who prefer to take their pipes as they endure their day-to-day life, the less bulky, the better, perhaps something more palm-sized.

Even if you purchase the wrong pipe for your situation, it may work at some point. Add it to your collection and shop for another one more suited to your current circumstances. Eventually, you’ll be able to incorporate the pipe into an entirely different scenario where it will fit perfectly.

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