What to do if the content is not available in your region

Plugins, apps, and other reliable tools will allow you to bypass restrictions.

When visiting foreign sites, you may have encountered frustrating messages like “The content is not available in your country. This is a typical picture for Western music and video services that block their sites in Europe and the United States. Fortunately, this problem can be solved.

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    Install the VPN plugin for your desktop browser

This is probably the easiest way to bypass the blockage. It is enough to install a VPN plugin for your browser and enable the function for the duration of work with resources that are inaccessible in the country.

Everything is elementary: you click the button – and the extension switches the browser to a special mode, in which geographical restrictions do not apply. After you’ve finished using the unblocked site, you can turn off the VPN just as easily – with one click.

Advantages. In addition to simplicity, this method is convenient because, most likely, you will not have to change your favorite browser. After all, popular Internet browsers support VPN plugins. In addition, these extensions encrypt traffic, which provides additional protection of user data on the web.

Disadvantages. Although there are free VPN services, most still work on a paid subscription.

  1. Use a browser with built-in blocking tools

Some browsers are able to solve the problem of blocking without third-party programs, thanks to the integrated VPN technology. For example, in the well-known Opera, it can be enabled in the settings, in the “Security” section. The VPN function also works in mobile browser versions: you simply download the application to your tablet or smartphone and enjoy the Internet without borders.

Other browsers work with blocked sites via Tor. This technology is based on an intricate chain of servers through which encrypted traffic is passed anonymously. The Tor Browser will allow you to bypass Internet restrictions without additional settings.

Advantages. Free, easy to use, and increased data security.

Disadvantages. If you’re used to Chrome, Firefox, or something else, you’re unlikely to want to switch completely to Tor or VPN browsers. In that case, you will have to use several browsers for different tasks.

  1. Download a VPN application

Let’s say your browser doesn’t support plugins and doesn’t have built-in VPN features. But you don’t want to change it for the sake of fighting blockers. In this case, instead of a plugin, you need a special VPN program for Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. It will work in the same way as the extension, but not only for the browser but also for any application on your computer. You can download such software on the websites of VPN services.

Advantages. VPN programs not only open access to blocked sites but also allow you to use applications that are not available in the country.

Disadvantages. You will have to download and install additional software on your device. And, as stated above, not all but many VPN services are paid.

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