Where to Buy PopSockets?

Pop Socket is an accessory that adds a lot of features to your smartphone. It can be part of a smartphone case already or attached to the device separately. It has several features you may not know about, even though it is relatively easy to use the device.

It’s a massive question, people ask me that am there any right place to buy the best pop socket and where to buy a pop socket? Well, you can have a pop socket in Ali Express, amazon, Wal-Mart, target and also at pop sockets own websites.


Where to buy the best pop socket?

You buy a pop socket from the different e-commerce sites, but if you want to buy an effortless, stable, and beautiful designed pop socket, then you should try on our collection. This collection name is brandsick. We have the most refreshing selection for you, and our brandsick pop socket list will blow your mind.

Pop Socket as an accessory


Pop Sockets are high, doing activities like taking Selfies with one hand, talking on the phone, and sending text messages more quickly. You can also wrap your headphones around your Pop Sockets to keep them in one place and tangle-free to keep your headset from getting messy.

More comfort with Pop Socket


Pop Sockets make large devices such as tablets and e-readers easy, comfortable, and secure. You can also use them for smaller devices like Go Pros. If you want to pass your phone to someone across the table with a Pop Socket, your phone will easily slide across the table without you having to get up. And you can turn your phone/tablet into a video game controller by attaching two Pop Sockets to the back of your phone, making your gaming more comfortable.

Pop Socket, your cellphone, and water

Using a telephone in/near wet surfaces can be problematic. Keeping your phone near wet surfaces is a big problem as water can cause considerable damage to your phone. Pop Sockets are made of polycarbonate, TPU, and polyurethane, making them washable, so you can easily keep your phone on wet surfaces such as the sink, floor, or kitchen counter without getting wet.

What is a Pop Sockets Pop-Grip?


They are not just for your phone. It can be used on your Tablet or e-Reader for some additional comfort. With the companion product the Pop Sockets Mount, they stick to almost any vertical surface, Including instrument panels, mirrors, bedposts, refrigerators, and walls for the convenience of using freehand. Talk about a life changer!

What is Pop Top?


Pop Top is what we call the design part of your Pop Grip. You can exchange the design on your Pop-Grip without having to buy a new one! Flatten your Pop Socket stand, rotate 90 ° in any direction until you hear a sound. Now you can exchange with another design! To replace your flattened Pop Top on the base, turn 90 ° in any direction until you hear a sound. Now you are ready for POP.

Where should I place my pop socket grip?

Where it feels most agitated? Some like it above, and others like it below. If you have problems with your Pop Sockets Grip as a stand, move it closer to the edge of the phone.

How can I remove my pop socket grip?

The best way to remove your Pop Sockets Grip will be to flatten it and take it off slowly from one side of the platform (Sticky Part), do not pull your Pop Sockets Grip when it is enlarged, or you run the risk of getting out of its base. Another option would be to floss. Slide it down from its bottom, and it will peel off easily. Remember that you should not be exposed to the outdoors for more than 15 minutes or the adhesive will dry.

How many times to paste and re-paste my pop socket grip?

You can paste a pop socket as many times as you want. If the adhesive gets dirty, rinse it and let it dry for 10 minutes outdoors, remember that leaving your Pop Sockets Grip exposed outdoors for 15 minutes or more will dry the adhesive completely.

Final words

Just play with your accessory or cape, and you’ll discover the most diverse uses. Pop Sockets are addictive! You cannot stop playing with them by pulling and closed. They are great stress relievers and fun to move. Your kids will love them, too, by collecting different Pop Socket designs and colors for their collection.

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