Why is English 101 Important?

In college, we all have to learn a course, English 101. Every student needs to have a grasp of this course to excel not just in college, but in the workplace as well. English 101 is a compulsory course that every student needs to take on in order to pass college. But, why is it important? Why is there a greater emphasis on learning English 101?


What do you learn in English 101?

English 101 is a course in which students will develop an understanding of the basic concepts of the English language. By taking this course, students will work on their persuasive and expository writing skills by going through lots of writing experiences. Many new research techniques and methodologies will be introduced in this course that will help the students to gather information and produce highly proficient papers and assignments. 

Why is English 101 important? 

English 101 course not only focuses on grammar and punctuation but also works on preparing the students for different kinds of workplaces. English 101 is a very important course in college, and every student should be able to pass it with flying colors. 

Now, various professional essay writers at AffordablePapers.com, for example, have dug out the five prime reasons why English 101 is important. Let’s explore them a little. 

Equips you with abundant research skills 

Forming assignments and research papers take an abundant amount of time because, in order to form quality content, you need to do first-class research. This can only be possible if you know how to do quality research. This is what this course teaches you. It not only equips you with profound research skills, but you also get to work on enhancing your writing skills. You also familiarize yourself with a lot of referencing styles, which are a very crucial part of any kind of academic writing.

Students are more likely to understand the reading material when they incorporate it into writing papers and assignments rather than just reading it. 

Helps to excel in other courses 

The research skills that you grasp in English 101 helps you in succeeding not only in this course but in the other courses as well. When you know how to look up information, how to form a high-quality essay or paper, and how to incorporate strong arguments, you can form a research paper related to any other field. English 101 isn’t just one course, but it is interconnected with all the other courses. 

Thus, you need to pay close attention to what your instructor teaches you because it certainly helps you in every field. 

Enables you to work better as an employee 

With the help of English 101, you learn how to make research papers, assignments, presentations, and so much more. Such skills will come in handy when you’ll write professional emails to your employees or do presentations in front of high-end leaders. These work emails and presentations, if done in the right way, can show an extreme amount of professionalism on your side. Plus, if you’ve done good research, it will certainly reflect on your portfolio. 

English 101 also helps in the critical analysis of the information. When you write research papers, you add a thesis statement, supporting arguments, and a valid conclusion using all the trusted and sound resources. In this way, when you have to critically evaluate something in the workplace, you can use these skills to figure out the validity of the information being provided. 

Offers a wide range of opportunities 

Not just in the United Kingdom, but the English Language is spoken all around the world. So, a good understanding of the language can take you to a lot of good countries where you can find good employment opportunities. In this way, a lot of doors get opened for you, and you can avail the one that is most suited to your requirements. Even if you find yourself in a country that doesn’t speak the English language, you will find someone who can, for sure. 

You won’t be just restricted to the United Kingdom, but you can travel to various countries and find the best job there is. There are tons of employers out there who are hunting down the people who have a firm grasp of the English language. How can a company in China communicate with France or Germany, or even the United Kingdom? Through the English language. Therefore, this is your chance to prove to yourself to the world that you can bring a lot to the table than one can imagine. 

Enables you to enjoy the joy of reading 

 If you love reading novels and all sorts of All You Can Books, English 101 is the best course to learn. Myriads of books have been written in the English language. Therefore, it enables you to truly enjoy reading while you can. No doubt, all the available translations are quite good but still, they can’t compete with reading the original Harry Potter Series or Charles Dickens. 

Plus, there are so many good books that haven’t been translated or take a lot of time to get translated. Now, who would want to wait for several months or even years to get their hands on the next book of their favorite series? We can’t, and neither can you. 

Once you understand all the concepts of English 101, the English language will become fun to learn. It not only benefits you in college, but it opens a wide array of opportunities and accomplishments in the future. With the help of English 101, you can polish your research skill set along with boosting your writing skills. It will not only help you pass this course in college but also outshines you in the future workplace. 

Understand all the reasons mentioned above, and try to pay much more attention to English 101 than you already do. Now, the next time someone asks you, “Why is English 101 important?” You will have the answer. Learn the basics of the English language and enhance your research and writing skills because it certainly goes a long way.

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