Why Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Need Managed IT Services

Have you ever wondered about the importance of IT support? These managed services have become popular in various industries, such as the medical marihuana industry.

Medical marihuana dispensaries have to follow strict protocols and adhere to compliance regulations. In order to protect their inventories and make sure workers are safe, these facilities need onsite and offsite cameras.

Nevertheless, managing technology at various locations is far more challenging than owners think. Hence, most of them end up using managed IT services to improve productivity, reduce costs, and protect their data. There are different cannabis IT support solutions for medical marijuana growers and facilities to explore.

Here are the main reasons why these dispensaries need such assistance.


Managed surveillance

Medical marijuana dispensaries stand to gain from managed IT services in terms of managed surveillance. Owners need to monitor their dispensaries for the purpose of protecting their inventories and guaranteeing workers’ safety. Hence, video surveillance is considered the best option for this task.

Managed service providers are capable of recommending the best surveillance system for businesses based on efficiency and affordability. They even provide simultaneous monitoring for businesses with numerous branches. These businesses find it challenging to keep networks functioning at all locations, which is why they consider managed services more than welcome.

Medical marijuana dispensaries have to comply with certain regulations like having camera footage available offsite at all times in the event of an emergency. IT managed service providers allow clients to pull up onsite and offsite footage whenever they have to check something. Most importantly, these providers make sure sensitive information and camera footage are protected properly.

The role of managed IT services is to ensure the networks of clients function well by capturing footage and storing it 24/7. Also, businesses are provided with offsite access to cloud storage for a period of ninety days. See this site to check out seven reasons why cloud storage has to be part of your business.

System support and hardware management

Another reason why medical marijuana dispensaries need to implement managed IT services is because of tech system support. These businesses need such support functions in the form of POS device support, servers, PCs, scanners, printers, etc.

Furthermore, their hardware setup and management services encompass mobile device management and PC management. The former refers to the update of work mobile phones and POS tablets, whereas the latter refers to the regular update of operating systems and applications. IT professionals make sure issues are detected prior to their appearance by relying on proactive monitoring.

Reduced infrastructure expenses

Medical marihuana dispensaries are likely to benefit from using managed IT services by reducing their infrastructure expenses. These costs can be minimized in various ways, such as downsizing onsite infrastructure by using the provider’s data centers. Apart from saving on hardware costs, businesses can also save on energy bills and the amount of space used for housing the hardware.

In addition, businesses are bound to save on consulting, training, and licensing. These types of services don’t just disappear but are provided with better management by one provider. Instead of making multiple investments, these business needs are covered by a single investment on a monthly basis.

Make clients happy

Businesses in the cannabis industry have no room for IT infrastructure mismanagement errors, as they’ll experience customer dissatisfaction and hefty fines. Given the overwhelming number of competitors in this industry, it’s paramount for clients to be happy.

Moreover, the websites of businesses in the industry have to provide an optimal customer experience. The sales system must be fast and effective for transactions to be made easily. Follow this link, https://www.investopedia.com/important-terminology-related-to-the-cannabis-industry-4590098, for an introduction to the cannabis industry.

Wide range of services

Medical marijuana dispensaries would benefit from hiring managed IT services because of the assistance they provide. For instance, they offer cybersecurity services, which dispensaries need to keep data private and secure. In the event of a cyberattack, businesses would be prevented from accessing their systems, while data might be disclosed publicly.

Nevertheless, IT professionals analyze the current technologies of their clients by looking for security holes and finding the best solution for upgrading their systems. They provide assistance such as installing and managing firewalls, installing and managing antiviruses, keeping operating systems up to date, etc. Also, these providers offer backup internet services, useful for clients relying on cloud-based software.


Another reason why medical marijuana dispensaries stand to benefit from using IT support is the flexibility they will be provided with. The support structure is capable of growing in the same way as a particular business. Even if you decide to hire ten or fifty more employees, the provider won’t have any problem supporting them. Dispensaries will be provided with the flexibility they need, as it’s the job of IT support to adapt to their requirements. Consequently, these managed services are suitable for startups.

Round-the-clock support

Availability is among the greatest benefits of collaborating with a managed service provider, as they are available 24/7. Clients are offered weekend support, on-call options, and other perks round-the-clock. It’s of the utmost importance for the provider to support different time zones, especially for global businesses. In case there is a technical problem, IT professionals make sure the issue is resolved in the quickest way possible for the system to continue operating efficiently.

Focus on your objectives

Medical marijuana dispensaries benefit from IT support by finally being able to focus on their objectives. The IT needs of businesses have a tendency to grow over time, meaning the in-house IT team might not be able to handle the increased workload. Consequently, most businesses end up assigning extra responsibilities to other employees who aren’t on the team.

Nevertheless, by having these tasks performed by a professional provider, employees can continue focusing on their original tasks. Some companies even decide to outsource their entire information technology department.

The bottom line

This growing industry benefits from information technology support to keep the workers safe and the inventory protected!

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