Windows 7 Tips and Tricks you Need to Know

Wondering how to activate Windows 7 at present can be a little daunting. Since the operating system isn’t available in the official online stores of Microsoft, it isn’t surprising that not many users are aware of how to directly download the same to their PC.

That said, there are websites available that offer access to the functional product key for Windows 7 without any hassle at all.

However, if you have installed Windows 7 on your PC and want to explore the hidden tricks and tweaks, we have got your back.

  • International wallpaper and themes

As human beings, we are consistently looking for ways to customize the look and feel of the device we are using. It isn’t just you and thankfully, with Windows 7, you can streamline that process using the barrage of international wallpapers and themes that are available.

When you first install Windows 7, there will be a set-up process during which you have to enter the country, language, and currency. Based on the responses you enter, the operating system also installs several working wallpaper and themes.

  • Shake your desktop

If you are an unorganized person and want to make things look a bit more organized on your Windows 7 PC, there’s a very simple way of achieving that. When you run multiple programs and applications at a time, be assured that it will make your device look a lot more cluttered than you think.

The “Shake” feature on Windows 7 allows you to streamline that process and get rid of all the clutter without any hassle. Pressing down on the Windows Key and Home button will activate that feature immediately.

  • Power efficiency report

For those who want to keep a check on their power efficiency report and maximize the battery life of the device, the process is pretty simple on Windows 7.

There is a built-in tool that helps in diagnosing your battery’s health, checking for issues, and then recommending any upgrades that are needed to improve the user experience.

  • Search the internet

If you are not aware, the Start Menu on Windows 7 comes with a lot of functionalities that aren’t available otherwise. If you want to access the internet, the Start menu helps you directly access the same from the available options.

You can use the Start menu to perform internet searches without any complications at all. The entire process is fairly simple and makes things a lot less complicated for you.

  • Customize the shut-down button

The primary function of the Shut Down menu is to turn off your device. However, with Windows 7, you can customize that shutdown button without any compromise. Sometimes, if you need to restart the device using the shutdown button, you can streamline that without any complications.

You can change the settings directly from the Start button settings. Once you are done customizing it, you can then confirm the features and be done with it.

  • Protect privacy

Another important tweak on Windows 7 that you can master is protecting the internet searches of your Explorer searches. You can find the latest Explorer searches and then decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to avoid.

Doing so ensures that you can streamline and eliminate unnecessary risks of viruses and malware that often make their way from the internet.


Windows 7, despite being an older OS version, brings a lot of high-tech features and functionalities that you can’t find even in the latest operating systems. We hope this article gives you an idea of the top features worth exploring when using Windows 7

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