Is Safe & Legal? [Review]

Online movie streaming is highly popular these days. It saves time and money. Although not many sites approve online streaming; with the in increasing hectic schedule in everyone’s life, online movie streaming is getting more importance. There are many popular sites that encourage free online streaming. One of them is YesMovies.

With the increasing number of viewers of movies online, YesMovies too is gaining more popularity owing to its incredible quality of videos. There are advantages of streaming movies from the site; but is the site safe and legal is the question. To understand this, we have brought everything to the table so that our readers who are also online movie buffs can have a fair idea whether YesMovies is legal and safe or not.

Contents Review

Although new, the online movie streaming site has been captivating the online movie watchers and is definitely one of the most sought after sites.

There are many pros about the site. Let us have a sneak peek into some of them that might just make you feel wonderful about the site.

  • There is a long list of movies that you can download and enjoy at home saving yourself from the scorching heat and drenching rain. Moreover, if you have work, what better than working at home and watching a movie simultaneously?
  • Get updates on latest movies and releases of shows on a regular basis. You won’t miss a thing
  • Bright and user friendly interface that can intuitively teach anyone to get downloads done
  • You can also find movies and shows based on countries’ preference
  • Choose genre for a specific genre TV shows and movies
  • You also have access to top IMDb rated movies
  • Watch the latest and trending TV series

What else do you want? It is your small entertainment world.

Is Safe?

It has not been stated anywhere that is safe; however, millions of users have been using the service and not have expressed any such comments or review. It is like a fruit that tastes great to some while some might find it weird. If you want to be safe, you need to make sure that the software you are using in your system is updated together with the anti-virus.

Virus and Ad Free

Sites of this kind are regularly hacked and kept an eye on by experts. It is therefore, imperative that you have the best of the anti-virus software to take care of the problem. You can’t take a risk with your system and your privacy.

Ensure that the software is virus free for a safe browsing. Together with this, you can also use a pop up blocker in order to stay away from the irritated ads that may pop up any time. You can try using Pop Up blocker in Chrome Extension for better results.

Is Legal in USA, India, UK?

You may be in any part of the world; you can download and watch movies online. In short, yes, it is legal in the countries including USA, India and UK.

Do you want to know why? When you download a movie or show from this website, it is not you who will have to face the consequences but the website that have made the videos available. It may not be 100% illegal for you to be downloading any of the movies from the site, but to be on the safer side, you can try using a VPN which makes you identity free. It is just like the incognito mode. Doing this, you have no fear of being held illegal for any activity on the site.

Final Words

Everyone loves watching movies and to make the experience hassle free and free from any anxiety, you can always follow the rules already mentioned above. Until Torrent had shut down, people had downloaded many contents from the site, was everyone held responsible or the site torrent?

Although downloading movies from such sites is definitely a piracy, you can try them when you are in dire need and have no other way out to watch a movie. There are certain conditions pertaining to the website, for e.g. the use of VPN, anti-virus etc. which make it difficult for one to choose. Make your own decision depending on the review.

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