5 Branding Tips to Scale Up Your Business

When it comes to business, branding is of maximal importance and is considered pivotal. Despite the fact that branding sounds like something which is not easily achievable, it actually is.

Some might consider branding a heavy-duty process but it is definitely doable. Through this article, you will come to know about the different types of branding and also five of the many ways through which you can scale up your business to higher levels.


What is Branding?

Branding is one of the concepts where you make the people know about your company’s identity, thereby distinguishing yourself from the other potential companies. In simpler words, branding allows you to create a recognition of your company’s identity among the masses.

Types of Branding

Well, there are more than seven to eight kinds of branding concepts. Here, we will discuss five of the important types and how they differ from each other. So, here they are:

  • Service Branding
  • Product Branding
  • Geographic Branding
  • Personal Branding
  • Cultural Branding

Service banding

It is never an easy task to convince the masses about your services and make them believe it is worth the buy. In this case, it is always a better option to be all ears to your customers.

Service branding includes any name, symbol, logo and so on that tends to represent the service provided by a company or group of companies. Consistency is the key to service branding, remember that. Service branding involves, allowing nothing to compromise the quality of your services and remaining compatible every time.

Product Branding

It is the most basic form of branding. It is a marketing concept that helps you to make your product more distinct from others. It also helps to stand unique among the multitude.

Geographic Branding

As the name suggests, geographic branding is the process of convincing the customer or a client to invest in a particular region. The process involves persuading the customer into investing in the monuments, restaurants, and other noteworthy places of the particular vicinity. This is how countries promote each other and this is how tourism is still a reliable source of national income in many countries.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is all about marketing the personality and their flaunts. It is important, as a businessman, to be influential. It is not necessary to be a big shot to commence personal branding. All you need is an entrepreneurial and influential personality and you are good to go.

Cultural Branding

Cultural Branding, also referred to as Cultural strategy is no different than geographical branding except the fact that it promotes the culture associated with the product.

5 Branding Tips To Leverage Your Business

Be Consistent

Staying consistent is as important as all other aspects of the business. As mentioned earlier, staying consistent in proffering the service without any compromise in the quality is a crucial step. So, make sure you stick to the plan and remain congruent in the area of branding.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns might sound so yesterday but it is still proven as one of the finest ways to attain brand recognition. Make sure you draft the mail with a catchy subject line as it is where the receiver sets eyes on first.

Social media presence presence

Considering the amount of time people spend on social media, on average, it is always a better and more feasible option to remain active in it. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc can generate a huge number of leads which could turn into potential customers. Also, it is indispensable to keep the masses informed about your services and the changes in them and social media is undoubtedly a considerable medium for it.

Say No to Rebranding

Rebranding by changing the logos, catchphrase (tagline) can cause immense chaos in branding. So, always keep the customer’s perception in mind too, while designing logos, business cards (both paper and digital business cards), writing taglines, etc.

Target accordingly

Determine the kind of audience you want to target and stick to the plan. Be specific while approaching and do not forget to consider the things that attract them, while branding. This tip works like magic if implemented properly.


There is a famous saying that “A brand is a reason to choose”. So, never ever neglect the reason why you chose to commence your journey. Stay highly driven and work towards your goal with an optimistic approach. Have a great day!

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