5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Security Cameras

If you are an organization, you may have wondered whether installing a surveillance system is worthwhile for your business or not. Companies are now more cognizant towards security of their business assets and understand that just like data breach, a physical security breach can also result in bigger losses. Video surveillance is equally important for small and big businesses. It not only protects against physical break-ins to your premises but also ensures that your organization is a sustainable and safe place to work. To put it short, investing in reliable security cameras can yield a higher return on investment and save you from bigger financial losses.

When choosing security cameras for your business, go for the ones that best suit your needs and are affordable as well as cost-effective. Ask yourself these questions to determine the best solution for your security surveillance system.

  • What is our budget?
  • Do we need indoor or outdoor security cameras, or both?
  • What should be the video quality of the camera?
  • Does it need to have added features like facial recognition or two-way audio?
  • Should it come with a mobile app where I can monitor in real-time and get alerts if there is a potential break-in?
  • What should be the file storage capacity of the camera?
  • Does the camera record at all times or does it do so with a motion sensor only?
  • Is it a wireless system or not?
  • Can we connect the surveillance system to our business’s WiFi network?

Once you answer all these questions you can decide what kind of security surveillance system you need for your organization. Many businesses believe that they will not be subjected to a physical robbery or security breach until it finally happens to them. In such a case, even a small theft can financially strain your business. Let us go through 5 important ways that security cameras can help you with and make them a great thing to install.



1. They Help in Preventing Employee Thefts

It may seem hard or impossible to think that employees can be involved in stealing any of your assets but it actually happens quite often. Even if you completely trust your employees, you should still safeguard your business from any potential thefts. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, about 75 percent of employees are likely to steal from their organization. The only way to catch someone red-handed in the workforce is to install security cameras inside your official premises. Moreover, when they know that they are being watched and recorded, they will not take such a step in the first place. You would also want to invest in a camera with a good quality which can identify exactly which employee is doing what. Afterall, you cannot suspect a number of people and be unsure about the exact thief at the cost of a camera that shows blurry image.


2. Security Cameras Assist with Workflow Monitoring

Aside from physical thefts, many employees don’t perform their duties diligently and steal time without considering it as a theft. Security cameras ensure that your employees work productively and work their full shifts. It can also help you determine if any extra steps are required within your organization to increase employee efficiency and ensure that all protocols are being followed by them, such as security and work ethics. Another benefit it provides is to check whether you are overstaffed or understaffed, which especially holds true for retail industry and helps you improve your business operations to serve your customers in a better manner.


3. They Help you Avoid Lawsuits

Whether it’s a disgruntled customer falsely alleging you for something that took place at your business or an employee filing a fake lawsuit to get a false compensation, dealing with legal issues can cost a business its finances and reputation. Security surveillance cameras can help you find the truth and save you a lot of time to determine the exact incidence. Installing cameras can also help you investigate responsible individuals in physical fights or harassment cases. This not only dissuades employees from making any false claims, it also helps you record evidence about everything that is going on in the building and also protects you from pretentious lawsuits.


4. They Allow Employees to Feel Safe at their Workplace

It’s as important to protect your employees as it is to protect your business. Employees can work more efficiently when they feel safe and secure in their workplace environment. It is important that security cameras are installed at all entry and exit points and in parking lots. They will not only feel safe working inside but will also be able to safely walk to their cars after dark. It also prevents workplace harassment and other criminal activities by outsiders in and around your building.


5. A Security Surveillance System Allows you to Record and Monitor Customer Transactions

This is especially relevant to the retail or banking industry which deal directly with customers and are involved in day to day transactions. For instance, if a customer claims that they bought an expensive item but don’t have the receipt, or that the retailer did not hand over the purchased item to them, or maybe an employee provided misinformation or was rude, a recorded surveillance video can help you determine whether their claims are correct or false.

There are many more benefits that security surveillance can bring to your company which makes it a necessity in times of today. So why delay and wait for a bad incident to happen and why not install them right away? If you are still on the fence about whether you should get a security system or not, consider its pros and cons and you will realize that the pros far outweigh the cons.


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