7 Things You Should Know About Towing Equipment

Stuck in a roadside emergency where you’re unable to fix your vehicle problem? How about you call a towing company to help you on the spot. What you need is a reliable towing company which can provide you a quick and hassle free service in just a phone call. But how should you decide which company is the best option for you? While there are plenty of towing companies out there, only a few handful of them have the right equipment. When it comes to hiring a towing company to tow your vehicle to a nearby auto-shop or your home/office destination, here are 7 things you must consider before hiring.

Almost Every Company Use the Same Type of Towing Equipment

Every towing company offers you the same towing equipment. When it comes to towing your vehicle, there’s no company that can offer you something out of the box, they all have the same fleet, and similar professionals to tow your vehicle. So if one company charges you extra in comparison to the other, it’s best that you opt-in for the affordable option because after all, you will be just paying extra for nothing.


The Best Kind of Towing for Any Kind of Vehicle is the Flat-bed Towing

Not only is flatbed towing convenient but it is also the safest option for your vehicle. In flatbed towing, a flatbed truck arrives at your location where a flatbed trailer positioned above the flatbed truck is tilted and lowered down. Then using a hook and chain wench, the car is pulled up on the surface and then the vehicle is chained down on the flatbed. Once it is completely secured, the ride is safe and sound to begin.


If Flatbed is Out of Option, then Go For Traditional Hook & Chain Tow Truck

Some towing companies operating in your vicinity might not have the flatbed trucks to tow your vehicle. However, every other tow company on the block does work with a hook and chain mechanism. So if you can’t find a flatbed truck to tow your vehicle to its desired destination, then a hook and chain tow truck is the most suitable option. The hook lifts the front wheels off the ground while keeping the rear on the road.


Don’t in Any Circumstances Let a Rusty Hook Near Your Vehicle

Most towing specialists often make the mistake of hooking your vehicle with a rusty hook. Under no circumstances allow rusty hooks to hook your vehicle and take it to a particular destination. It can break off mid way and you can break your vehicle’s suspension. For a $100 job you shouldn’t risk a $5000 suspension under any circumstance. Always be careful when hiring a towing company near me.


Settling for Long Distance Towing? Double Check the Towing Vehicle

When it comes to long distance towing, it is best that you invest your time in searching for a service which handles these kinds of situations on a daily basis. When it comes to long distance towing, you need a professional towing company which stands affirmed at their reliability. When you hire a professional towing, it makes sure your vehicle remains safe when getting towed long distances easily.


Motorcycle Towing isn’t Any Different Compared to Other Types of Towing

Many towing companies also offer motorcycle towing and they specialized in delivering that kind of service. Believe it or not, but the following type of service is pretty much the same as towing any normal vehicle. The towing equipment used to tow motorcycles isn’t any different. While some companies prefer the flatbed trucks others simply bring a normal pickup with a flat bed roller attached.


Check Whether the Towing Company Has the License to Tow Your Vehicle?

Last but not the least, check whether the towing company which you are about to hire carries a license for towing vehicles? There are several towing companies out there who don’t carry a proper license. When you ask them to show their legitimacy, they try to shun that thought away from your mind by offering low rates or be sycophantic. Be aware of such towing companies and always ask for a license before a job.

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