8 Top Tips For Moving In Summer

Most relocations happen during the Summer. While it is usually the most convenient time for families, professionals and students to move, it can be a miserable endeavour due to the excruciating heat. Here are some tips to implement if you are planning to move in the Summer.


You Will Probably Pay More

Moving companies and moving containers are high in demand during the warmer months which is referred to as peak season. The reason being that families who have school-age children find it easier to move during this time. College students generally move into dorm rooms at the start and end of Summer. Due to Summer being the most preferred time for relocating, you will most probably be being charged a higher moving fee.

Remember To Stay Hydrated

With the summer heat blazing down on you, you will definitely get thirsty most of the time. To prevent heat exhaustion or overheating, remember to pack enough water bottles for yourself and a few for the movers. They will certainly thank you.

Move Earlier In The Day

The humidity levels and temperatures are at its lowest during early morning. We recommend you start moving as early in the morning as possible. Besides beating the heat, you will also encounter less traffic on the road. If mornings are not good for you, then maybe opt for late afternoon once temperatures have cooled down.

Consider Turning The AC On In The New House

To avoid arriving at a home which is intolerably hot, we recommend turning the AC on before the move. Cooling down in the new house before the time will make your move and adjustment much more convenient.

Keeping Electronics Cool

Electronics are usually the last things to be packed just before moving companies Joplin MO turn up to collect your belongings. However, due to the extreme heat during Summertime, such items can become overheated and ruined since they do notfare well in too hot conditions. Be sure to pack electronics separately and always try to keep them in air-conditioned spaces. These items must be loaded last onto the truck and off-loaded first thing when you arrive at the location. Also pack them in waterproof baggies and bin to keep them from getting wet in case of a sudden rain shower.

Remember To Bring A Portable Fan

A portable fan on-hand can go a long way in staying cool, especially if the AC at the new home is not switched on. Place the fan close to the entrance of the house and possibly near the truck where the offloading is happening.

Pack Perishable Goods In Coolers

Pack everything in coolers with icepacks during the morning of the move. As long as your coolers stay cold, all things, including juices, milk, veggies and fruits will remain fresh.

Remember To Apply Good Quality Sunscreen

If you are planning on being outside for the majority of moving day, then sunscreen is a necessity. Choose a water-resistant sunscreen that has broad-spectrum coverage and an SPF of 30 and higher. Apply sunscreen about thirty minutes before heading out.

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